why is gay marriage in Canada legal?

okay first of all, dont start saying that gay marriage is right to me, b/c im against it. Now then, Canada is a country where the society is put first. U.S.A. is a country where the individual right is put first, so why is gay marriage in Canada legal if the majority of people arent gay? you get what i mean?

If you are against gay marriage then my advice to you would be not to do it. Problem solved.

Gay marriage is legal in Canada because their courts ruled that failing to allow it was gender discrimination. Canada takes discrimination rather seriously.

Honestly, because gay marriage will strengthen marriage as a whole, which is to the benefit of all of society.

An excerpt from an ethics paper I wrote:

The last major argument against same-sex marriage is that it undermines the institution of marriage. However, in actuality, “…preserving the ban on same-sex marriage will in fact weaken marriage, a little at first, but then more over time, by blurring its boundaries and eroding its prestige” (Rauch 86). Civil unions and partner benefits, as touched upon earlier, act as a “replacement” for marriage and, although meant originally for gay couples only, heterosexuals have also used these outlets in place of marriage. Allowing gay couples to marry would help prevent heterosexuals from “piggybacking on the movement” (90) and therefore help eradicate the acceptance of couples forming a life together without the structure of marriage. Furthermore, legalizing gay marriage would strengthen marriage by “renormalizing” it, so to speak (89). By including same-sex couples, it would reaffirm the idea that marriage is both the acceptable and preferable way for two people to build a life together. It would reinforce the idea that if a person wants the benefits of marriage, then they need to get married. All of the dangers, such as civil unions, cohabitation and unmarried parents, heterosexual dissenters say weaken marriage will only become more prevalent as homosexuals continue to live outside the fold of marriage and straight couples join them, leading to the eventual metaphorical “death” of marriage as an archaic and useless institution. This outcome, of course, is an extreme view of the situation that would take a long period of time to occur, but it is, nonetheless, possible.

As a gay man I like to feel that I am above such fripperies as marriage. A worn out, failed hetero- institution. Since some of my brothers and sisters want to marry I’ll always (reluctantly) vote for that priviledge being extended to the GLBT community. I had a wonderful 24-year relationship with a great guy! We never even lived together.

OK I see you got confused.

America USED to be about individual 1st….but now it is all about the rich+religious 1st and everyone can go choke.

I would say Canada allows it because to do otherwise is stupid, immoral , disgusting, and a sign that the society really wants to legislate pro-pedophilia bills.

Are they bothering you? If you didn’t read in a newspaper that it was legal, would you even know?
Making gay marriage legal when most Canadians aren’t gay is like allowing Asians to marry when most Canadians aren’t Asian.
Seeeee the correlation?

Because the only reason against gay marriage is because of the bible. And the Canadians are smart enough to not let some fairy tale dictate their laws.

Because gay marriage doesn’t harm society. You can disagree, but apparently your nation thinks you’re wrong.

Maybe the majority of Canadians feel that people should be able to marry whoever they want without the government dictating morality or religious doctrine.

It’s all about getting more votes for the party that made it legal.

Most people aren’t red haired and blue eyed but it doesn’t mean that their country shouldn’t support them if they are.

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