Why do many white supremacists say Jesus wasn’t a Jew?

I know that many white supremacists hate Jews, and when you tell them Jesus was a Jew they say he wasn’t. How can they not say he was a Jew? He was a descendant of king David( king of Israel), king David was a descendant of Judah( son of Jacob), and Jacob was the grandson of Abraham, the father of the Jews. There is a reason why Jesus was called the king of the Jews, so why do many white supremacist say he wasn’t a Jew?

Mark is right, who cares what supremacists say anyway? they’re full of s**T.

They’re the same people that believe the world is only about 5,000 years old, sleep with their cousins to keep their bloodline &quot:pure&quot:, and burn the symbol of their own religion like the savages they claim non-whites are.
Obviously, intelligence and common sense aren’t their strong points.

Because they live in a deluded world. They also think 1) the Bible was originally wrriten in English (especially people in the UK) and 2) Jesus looked like some kind of Swedish hippie (you know, tall, blue eyes, a beard, and wearing an immaculate white dress).

Who gives a sh!t what they say?
they still think Greeks and Romans were the Fathers
of education, math, astronomy, philosophy, the arts, etc etc
when it was the Egyptians who the Greeks and Romans studied.
Selective Reading is the basic necessity you must have to become a
white supremacist!

Because its true,Jesus was NOT a Jew since Jesus was the son of God and Virgin Mary was in NO manner genetically or by blood related to Jesus.God simply used virgin Mary to give Jesus life,much like a surrogate womb.Mary was NOT Jesus’s biological mother.

Ask them why he preached at the synagogue and read the Torah. And why he was called rabbi and why he was hated by the Pharisees. WHY he talked about the law of Moses

We white supremacists are crazy at times

Because they don’t want to accept the fact that they worship a Jew.

They were brainwashed into thinking jesus wasn’t from the middleast.

They want everyone to be white like them.

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