What would happen if everyone decided not to vote?

I always found this interesting and thought man it would be cool if everyone decided note to bother voting and went into some sort of revolt against the governments, i know i know, my imagination can run wild at times, but admit it, it would be pretty cool!

in this system all it takes is one person…one person and it would be considered an win

all of us would would desire to no longer vote. If purely 3 human beings voted, there would nevertheless be an election, and whoever pulled in 2 of the votes, or only one if say 2 of the voters got here from Wyoming and a million got here from ny, with the aid of fact ny is nicely worth greater interior the Electoral college. somebody will vote, if purely the applicants.

It would be very stupid. We would end up with unelected bureaucrats dictating every move you make – a bit like the EU only worse. What democracy we have left, you must vote whilst you have the freedom to do so. If you ignore the privilege, that freedom WILL be taken away.

Why would that be &quot:cool&quot:?!? That would be extremely stupid. You think the system would just stop working because people didn’t vote? WRONG…

Anybody that doesn’t want to vote should move to an authoritarian country like North Korea… actually they are totalitarian… but you get the point. If you like people at the top making unguided decisions then leave America… thanks

It would certainly make the government and media take notice. Who are all these people who keep voting anyway? Every year it’s the same routine of millions of people dutifully voting Labour or Conservative.. over and over again. Why don’t they stop?!

In Aus if you don’t vote you get something like a $250 fine or something, it’s compulsory to vote. And if you didn’t vote you could end up with some nutcase dictator wannabe who imposes martial law and turn it into a police state like the nazis. Something like that.

If you don’t vote, it’s pretty stupid.

Someone would go out and vote to have complete and absolute power. Plus the people who you were voting for would vote for themselves.

In most states the electoral college votes are what actually count in electing a president so it probably wouldn’t really matter.

Then the House would get to decide who the next president would be and the Senate would get to choose the Vice President.

If you don’t vote it goes to the party that is already in that’s why its important to vote

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