What size of paper did soldiers in the trenches during World War 1 usually use for their letters home?

I need to make my WW1 letters look authentic and am pondering whether to use 8 by 12 computer paper, or to cut it down to a smaller size, or use notebook paper.

chk the smithsonian archives.

i’ve got have been given a stack of letters from my great uncle Harold that have been written to his sister (my grandmother’s older sister). they start up off for the period of practise in Pennsylvania, then Texas and ultimately from France. He grow to be killed in action in the time of the Meuse-Argon offensive on November 5th, 1918. i’ve got have been given the telegram from the conflict branch (won 2 weeks after the conflict grow to be over) and a letter from his Commanding Officer. he’s buried in France. i ought to aim to test them as jpg data and digital mail them to you. He grow to be so excited, in the commencing up, in the previous he left the states. He talks lots approximately what he needs to do while he gets abode and he mentions a female buddy he stored secret from the relatives. in the direction of the tip, in France, he only wished issues to end.

I knew a family who had postcards from a German relative who wa stationed at the front. So the Germans used postcards

I remember doing tht in highschool as a project. I used tht brown paper idk wht its called then crumbled it up and put mud and water all over it and burned the corners so it looked real.

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