SURVEY — Is Obama being Objective in his accusation of &quot:fear mongering&quot:?

Please consider why the Opponents are fearful of the Health Insurance Reform proposal.

1. We are not all zombies of Fox News.

2. We believe that while Obama has promised that we can still choose our Private Care —

— Private Care will (logically) will disappear… unable to compete with the Public offer.

While that may seem like fair Capitalism — It is of course, a Monopoly.

A Monopoly with care the WE believe will resemble what WE do not like about Canadian &amp: British Socialized Medicine.

3. WE are scared by Obama, who has already been captured on Film — discussing the steps required to move the Nation to Single-Pay Health Care.

I realize that our opponents have a different viewpoint in how things will actually turn-out, with this Proposal, but —

— Is it reasonable for many of US, to be Fearful ?

1. I agree with you..
2. That’s your opinion, which you are entitled to..
3. That was a &quot:questionaire&quot: that Obama filled out in 1996, that asked,..&quot:Do you support a single payer system&quot:…which Obama replied, &quot:in principle yes&quot:. &lt: take that however you want to…

I don’t have a problem with dissenters…I have a problem with people who use LIES to show their dissent….

For example…. Sarah Palin proclaiming Obama’s &quot:death panel&quot:… which is a blatent LIE.


While telling lies may accomplish killing the legislation, and scaring grandma’s, it won’t accomplish health care reform…

So why not just play fair with the facts ?…why not be specific about the beef with this bill, so we can have a meaningful debate about specifics ?…not fantasy !

If Republican’s would just PARTICIPATE, then they might be able to add a few good ideas themselves….. but it appears they are more concerned with undermining Obama for partisan reasons.

Does there have to be a profit motive everywhere in the USA? Is everything for sale, and have a price tag on it?
Can’t there be some things that are offered in the public interest, and not in the interest of some fatcat in a pinstripe suit?

In 1980s New York, when Reagan slashed the welfare rolls, there were many left homeless. There were for-profit homeless shelters springing up.

There are thousands of people that are losing their health insurance every day, through no fault of their own, because there’s no profit to be squeezed out of them. They lose their job, they lose their insurance. If they get sick, they lose their insurance, or get denied because of the dreaded &quot:preexisting condition.&quot:

The US pays twice as much of its GDP on health care than any other industrialized country, and yet its life expectancy is lower than any of them. There are &quot:Third World&quot: countries with lower infant-mortality rates.

In the period 2000-2007, the top ten insurers’ profits rose more than 400%. The average salary for CEOs of those same companies is almost $14 million. They get those salaries by dropping people by the busload if they are deemed risky in any way. ANY for-profit company is going to lower its risk.

Almost 2/3 of personal bankruptcies are because of massive medical bills. This is inexcusable in the world’s wealthiest country.

When leaders who know better throw words around like &quot:death Panels&quot: when they know that is no true, but they know the words will have a fear based reaction, then yes that is fear mongering.

When he talks about Fear mongering he is talking about the larders of the party’s and the talking heads and the press who take a comment flash it all over the screen for hours and days but never truly investigate it. Knowing full well that people are scared and many are misinformed.

If you are afraid then you have a right to Speak and have your fears known and talked about. But then why is it that we can not seem to actually have a talk with out name calling and more fear being thrown into the mix.

Your question in well thought out and you have some very good points, And I would like to see your concerns be answered by our leaders. But how can that happen when no one can get a word in between the yelling screaming, cry of socialism and hate Speech.

When comments come back like, He wants to kill your grandma but no real substances or even the quote from the bill for others to look up, read for themselves and dispute if nessasarly…. then that is fear mongering and it is treating the news like a rumor and rumors like news… and that is dangerous beucse no one is looking at your concerns they are to busy looking at the freaks with the signs who are more out to get attion then the actual cause.

Fear mongering was a big feature of the latest Bush administration. WMD anyone?

It seems to be part of American politics.

Wasn’t there something about &quot:government by the people FOR the people&quot:? It shouldn’t always be in the best interests of the party.

The congressional budget office says the public option will not drive private insurers out of business

Why do you falsely assume that private corporations won’t be able to compete? UPS and FedEx sure do a good job competing with the US Post Office. When you can actually predict the future accurately, send me an email with the next Mega Million numbers, will ya? Until then, try living in the here and now…fearing the unknown is natural but it’s much more exciting to delve into it, progress and learn than to simply stand motionless and continue to accept living in fear.

You just admitted that public option will be better than private insurance when u said &quot:private insurance will disappear&quot: because of the competition. Isnt competition a good thing? And believe me its just an option u dont have to take it. if u like paying more then u can go with a private insurance

The Republican Party could never be accused of fear mongering.

Obama wants to destroy this country.

Our current health care is excellent.

Glenn Beck is fair and balanced and completely objective.

Rush Limbaugh would never fit under the title of fear monger or subjective journalist.

One Stoned Sponge: Al Gore gave the Earth an ultimatum of 2009? Link please. Global Warming awareness backed by the scientific community is fear mongering? Al Gore was trying to finance the Democratic party with his environmental speeches? That sounds logical. Sarcasm.

It is reasonable to be fearful. Many American aren’t though, the media circus serves as a great distraction.

Completely objective. The insurance compaines have fed you nothing but lies and you’ve bought every single one of them. You have not questioned even one thing they’ve told you.

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