Notebooks or PC Tablets …..?

It doesn’t matter what kind you use. I don’t care if you prefer HP or Fujitsu or Toshiba or Apple/Macs. I don’t even care about what OS you love.

I want to buy a new notebook for myself (I will give my 17&quot: HP Pavilion DV9000 to my daughter) and I want to know about your experiences with either Notebooks or Tablets.

I do a lot of writing at work and at home and as I write I want it to be written on the Notebook/Tablet.

I like the swivel capabilities and direct hands on writing with the Tablets but for the price is it even worth it. Can a Notebook be made to write on with the tablet pen just like a Tablet? I thought it had to be a Tablet type PC to have this function. I really don’t know anything about Tablets but I think I do want/can use one. Tell me what you think. All answers are appreciated. Thanks!

You will never be able to write on the laptop screen like you can on a tablet. You can however buy a tablet interface for 88-200$ that you connect to the laptop through a USB cable. You should then be able to take hand written notes and the tablet interface will record it to your laptop.

Here are a few examples hope this helps,

i think of what suits your choose is a Mini computer this would be approximately ВЈ2 hundred-ВЈ4 hundred yet you will get what you pay for. abode windows 7 will contain each little thing you go with for observing video clips listening to music and a few USB slots for you exterior no longer trouble-free diskpersistent. iTunes may well be put in to supply you greater entertainment yet to play DVDs off a disc you ought to choose a exterior CD/DVD reader till you ought to use yet another source such as iTunes from Apple.

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