N.Korea is having another nuclear test . Aren’t you relieved we have a tough experienced president like Obama?

Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.


i sure am. hes probably gonna want to make friends with them and show them how to properly make a nuclear bomb.

Dont worry Obama will appologize for our interferance in their take over of the South.

who cares if they have the bomb, they don’t have anyway to shoot it at us, we should pull out and let the Koreans fight each other, it is not our problem

Ask the three Somali pirates? Oh, that’s right, Obama gave the order and they caught bullets through their heads. And, Republican Secretary of Defense Gates, has already told the North Koreans to back off the nonsense. He wouldn’t say that unless Obama told him to.

Yeah …………………….great………….
not the word I would use.

Oh yeah, because saint &quot:w&quot: had that all under control. Ha!

I’m just glad that we don’t have a trigger happy war monger — (e.g., &quot:Next up: Baghdad&quot: and &quot:Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iraq….&quot: — John McCain).

I am relieved, actually. Had McCain won, we would most certainly have been at war with North Korea (and god knows who else) by now.

Fiddling while Rome burns…..

yes i am..

ahahah. nice one. we’re all f*cked

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