McCain now has a 47% poll lead over Obama in the general election?

he latest Rasmussen Reports survey of Election 2008 shows Republican frontrunner Senator John McCain with single-digit leads over Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. McCain now leads Clinton 48% to 40%. He leads Barack Obama 47% to 41%.

I see Rasmussen’s tuesday poll as 47/43 and 47/44, McCain leading over either Democrat candidate, but very close to what you state. Very interesting

WOW… You just cited a month old poll, bro.

Try these ones…from today! (second paragraph)


That probably makes you **** your pants.

This one’s not quite as bad for ya though.


See the dates? Yeah, it helps if your sources are current.

McCain’s gonna crush him!


we are winning thank god

bull$hit….dems have this election on lock. mccain doesnt have a chance. especially with how bad iraq is doing.

Well you can relax then

lets pray it stays that way.

dirtymar just murdered you…………….ll


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