If George W. Bush was still President and North Korea started a war, which country would Dubya invade?

India? Greenland? Portugal?
Would he say, If we don’t fight the North Koreans in Portugal, we’ll have to fight them here?


This really is an interesting question, guy. Although India would be quite the prize if we were to acquire it, I’m going with a sleeper-pick: San Marino.

A person could have said: &quot:[San Marino] is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP (per capita), with a figure comparable to some of the more developed Italian regions, such as Lombardy and the Province of Bolzano-Bozen. San Marino is considered to have a highly stable economy, with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, no national debt and a budget surplus.&quot:

Plus, it’s an enclave of Italy. And you know what that means: no shady neighbors! Woop! Woop!

Let’s roll.

The complete factor is most of the time a individual topic. It was once Al Gores information organization journalists, It was once a individual airplane. The complete hindrance is a individual trade topic. It had no huge reliable US motion. Even Bill is cautious wherein he places his fingerprints in this one~ Im definite there was once a great deal of unofficial involvement, probley paid for gasoline in Japan amongst others. Like him or no longer Clinton was once Impeached, began the sub high loan legislation. Bush simply did not give up it whilst he had the threat. And Gore misplaced to Bush and Dems hold to refuse British scientist same time (Senate briefing on local weather difference)for his or her disputing international warming. I fairly do not care approximately Clinton,Bush, or Gore But Facts are Facts. They do not know crimson or blue best reality. I dream of an afternoon whilst information is info no longer an opinion web page.

Meh, North Korea was provoked with War Games right next to it.

I personally think this &quot:war&quot: was a wag the dog type deal from Obama to save his presidency. Here are some facts to think about:

1- The South Korean President is also a douche.

2- If Mexico was doing war games with Iran in the Gulf of Mexico, we’d probably react in a similar manner.

3- The best way to cow Republicans into supporting a president is by starting a war.

I have no idea what country he would invade but I’m very certain that it would be North Korea. In spite of your attempt to make George W. Bush look like a stupid fool, the facts bear out otherwise. I know, I know. Facts don’t matter to those of you with Bush Derangement Syndrome. But here’s some news you can use. Bush isn’t President any longer, has no desire to be again, and doesn’t give one rats azz about your feeble attempts at making a complete azz of yourself by using him as a punching bag. It’s time you and others of your ilk got over George W. Bush.

One of the countries near North Korea, maybe he would have invaded South Korea like a twit.

how about you all Americans stay OUT side of the Korean conflict….

South Korea has China anyway. You really think China is still a communist country? NK has Russia and Iran… so what if south Korea loses, no one gives a sh1t.

He’d say &quot:If we don’t fight the uhh, North Koreans in North Korea, we’ll have to fight them here&quot:


He would invade (insert country with mass reserves of oil) instead.

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