Husband wants to sleep all weekend?

he works 4days 10 hrs day off most Fri I work Fri he sleeps all day a 3/4s of the day Sat an 1/2 day Sun. what can I do so we don’t argue

Would joining him in the sack cause an argument?

God Bless

Working a 10 hour shift is physically exhausting. He wouldn’t be sleeping so much if he didn’t need the sleep. Stay in bed cuddling with him, or plan a &quot:date night&quot: with him on Friday or Saturday night so it’s just the two of you together

If he is sleeping during the time you are at home with him…sleep with him..hold him! It will create a better bond! His sleep habits is just a phase! If you have not notice men do things in phases. Its just a period of time before this phase will change. If you do not want to sleep with him then use the time as me time for yourself. You will be amazed how many things you will find to do to get yourself busy. Like getting your hair done, nails done, spending time with those friends you seem to never have time for, do things the you’ve been needing to do around he house, work, or car maintenance etc. I hope this message helps you! good luck

Is it graveyard shifts that he works? If so, let him sleep, it’s rough.

Just ask him if he’d be willing to get up a lil earlier ont he weekends so you can enjoy some quality time with him. Promise to have coffee ready and breakfast when he wakes up!

There is a good chance that he has a medical issue and needs to see a doctor. It is not normal to be that tired, and it is not healthy. I had that issue for 8 years or more and it was a medical issue. If you can fix it you will both be a lot happier.

while he sleeps go out with your girlfriends, leave him be. If he’s really tired, let him rest, if he’s trying to sleep away something: guilt, secrets, depression, anything, he’ll hate the fact that your out having fun without him and quit pulling that trick. Or… he could have a medical sleep disorder.

I sleep all day, every day. But I am up all night. It is 5am and I’m still not in bed.

Let him sleep for god’s sake. Don’t nag him: at least he’s not out bsing.

you need to change yourself . be more romantic with him allow him not to sleep by seducing him in different way.

put a lid on it

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