Flows and Cherry Bombs?

Ok i have a 1997 mustang not a gt its a v6 6 cylinder. i want to get a whole new exhaust system i want to make it dual, with dual flowmasters and cherry bomb glass pack. how much and is this a good idea?

no not a good idea v6 cars sound horrible with exhaust please dont do it its not a v8 and it will never sound like one

I have a 95 v6 with 4 cats on it and flow master mufflers, Just the flow master system was to loud so i added 2 more cats i got pulled over twice and that was it for me … cherry bombs and flow masters would wreck ear drums =] but heres my link if you like the way it sounds sweet if not just don’t add the 2 extra cats


i hope you realize glasspacks are mufflers, you can have them together but it doesn’t make much sense just makes it louder, glasspacks also have fiberglass insulation in them and over time the fiber glass insulation burns out and then it sounds like sh*t so trust me go with just the flowmaster system, don’t mess with cherrybomb unless its the regular type muffler because they do make regular style muffler so, don’t put glasspacks on it

buy a fart cannon. Just playin take and just put the flowmaster kits on there.

cherry bomb


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