Dont you hate telemarketers?

I was watching the jags-stellers game when a telemarketer called so i went to pick up the phone and i miissed a touchdown

yeah i hate them..i pretend i dont speak english just to piss them off

In high school, I lived on my own, and was a telemarketer to pay the bills, as someone with little to no experience otherwise, to get a better job, and besides, it paid pretty well. Maybe you should think of that when you answer the phone.
While it may be annoying, it’s not as though they took that job to specifically annoy you.
And if you find it that annoying, put yourself on the Do Not Call registry, rather than whining about it.

YES! that really sucks. i mean im not into football, but i really do hate telemarketers. next time (as long as something important isnt going on) just play with their head.

no longer truly, they boost my existence! i admire doing the ol’ switcheroo on them and attempting to weigh down them with my bullsh*t and twisted good judgment! Carpe deez nuts guy! grab the possibility and characteristic slightly exciting with the subsequent telemarketer schmuck that calls you! basically very own those motherf*ckers.

While I do think that those calls are very annoying, I certianly don’t &quot:hate&quot: the people who are making them. They’re just doing their job..

I hate telemarketers too, I love to make fun of them and I usually talk to them, or make fun of them! ♥

Yea, I say they have the wrong number and hang up.

Yes it get’s annoying.

hate them!!

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