Does my modeling/acting agency hate me?

So I have a two year contract and it’s been six months already. Is only gotten one audition email but I didn’t get to audition because they had too many people my age. Does my modeling/acting agency just hate me so they’re not giving me auditions? Do they think I’m ugly or terrible at everything I do?

Your agency doesn’t hate you – they wouldn’t have signed you if they hated you

First of all, is it a legitimate agency or not? if it’s not a legitimate agency and you paid upfront or are paying monthly fees then they have no incentive to find you work. Their business is getting people to sign up to the agency, not find work for models and actors

If it is a legitimate agency, then your agency can ONLY submit you if you meet the requirments of the casting call — and even then there is no guarantee of an audition

So for modeling, your agency is only going to send you out on a casting IF a client calls the agency looking for someone meeting your physical description (age, height, hair/eye color, skintone, body type, etc). And even then, your agency can only send over the comp cards of the models meeting that description and the client decides who, if anyone, they want to see

With acting, your agency can only submit you if there is a casting breakdown for someone in your age range with your special skills and a certain experience level they ask for. Again your agency can only submit your headshot and resume – it’s up to the casting director who actually will get called in for an audition.

You have no idea that your agency has not sent out your pictures or resume to 100 casting calls but none of them thought you had the right look or enough experience for that job. Or that there haven’t been any casting calls looking for people in your age group. Or no modeling clients have called looking for someone with your exact look

This is why it’s crucial to schedule face to face meetings with your agent and your parents (if you are under 18) every few months to discuss your career. Ask your agent to be very honest with you why you aren’t getting more work (or at least more auditions). Is it because of your headshots/comp card and they think you should get different photos? Is it because you don’t have enough experience/training and they want you to start doing more community theater and taking more acting classes to make your resume stronger? Is it that they want you to gain/lose weight, change your hair cut/color, get plastic surgery or whatever? Only your agent can answer this for you and help you to become more marketable

EDIT – if you are paying a monthly website subscription then you don’t have an agent. You just signed up for some overpriced listing site. If you don’t actually go into an agency and meet with your agent, then you are not signed up with an agency. No website subscription is going to find you work

First off, it’s not your fault.

And second, please don’t think I’m putting down the modelling industry as a whole. There are agencies that care a lot for their models, and have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.

And for every one good agency, there are ten scumbag, fly-by-night operations.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. There are plenty of asswipes who want to take advantage of people’s dreams, just to make a quick buck. You may have stumbled on one of these.

These garbage modelling agencies round up as many girls as they can, but they are only really eyeing a few. The remainder are used as &quot:bulk&quot:, to make it look like their agency is very big. They may also be used as fillers, for when they need a model but one of the real stars isn’t available.

Some clear signs are:

– You’re not making any money after a month. Their job is to sell your skills as a model right? Well have you ever heard of a salesman who manages to sell nothing for six months? He must be pretty crap at his job don’cha think?

– They didn’t let you take the contract home, and made you sign it in the office. That’s because they didn’t want a lawyer seeing it, and then falling over with laughter or slapping them in the face.

– A real agent keeps you updated, all the time. They call and say &quot:Here’s what I did for you this week, I asked so-and-so, and they said…&quot:

If you don’t hear anything from them, they’re full of it.

– When you call and ask when you’re likely to get an audition, they don’t have an answer. They will something like &quot:nothing yet, and don’t call us, we’ll call you.&quot: A good agent will be able to tell you, right away, &quot:I’ve made five or six inquiries…it may not not happen, but keep yourself free on X dates&quot:.

– When was the last time they took your photo? When a good agent can’t find a job for you, he / she panics and quickly calls you in for more shoots, to repackage your look. If they haven’t done this, they don’t care.

My suggestion is, call them and tell them you’re getting a bit fed up. Get a copy of that contract, and bring it to your lawyer / guardian. Have them look it over. If they didn’t give you a copy, then demand it…and they are in so much trouble if they won’t give it. Then when your 2 years is up, find someone else.

this is not an agent. you don’t pay monthly fees to agents for anything. they only get paid when you get work, they get 10%. your just paying someone to tell you where auditions are. agencies have no control over what comes up for audition or when. if your not in the right place, your not going to have many auditions. if you aren’t close to where this agent is and you didn’t audition for them in person, they are not a legit agent. agents only send you on things local to them, you need to be where your agent is. never sign anything for that length of time. 6 mos is long enough. i hope you read what you signed carefully and you made sure there was a clause in the contract that gave you a way out.
never sign anything that doesn’t give you a way out. web sites are only going to show you mostly amateur, low pay or no pay auditions you need the proper talent agent for the type of auditions you want to go on. if your agent has a lot of clients that look like you, you might get lost in the shuffle
and never go out. you need to find real agents that don’t have a lot of clients that fit your description.

If it’s an agency that says it does modelling and acting, it’s probably no good. They are very different careers, and very few modelling agents have a clue about acting.
But even the best agency can’t send you audition details if they aren’t sent casting breakdowns in which the directors are looking for someone who looks like you and has the necessary skills, training and experience. Often, it’s just the luck of the draw.
The trouble is, if you’ve signed an exclusive two-year contract, you’re stuck with them unless they agree to release you. Never sign an exclusive contract unless you’re very sure that they are seriously good.

That is true about never giving money. She gave you some very good advice. A legitimate agency will not ask for money to sign you – they will PAY you! I want to add to this advice and tell you that if you are EVER asked to do something that makes you uncomfortable, whether it is taking off your clothes or posing in a manner that makes uncomfortable, then say NO. There is no job worth compromising your self respect and integrity. I was a model for years and have taught modeling for years. Dress professionally, accent your best features, don’t overdo the makeup – they want to see fresh and see YOU so don’t go looking like a clown. Pull your hair back or get it off of your face so that they can see you. DON&quot:T dress skimpy, slutty or trashy. Dress with class and wear heels. In my classes, my girls have to wear hose and heels, they have to wear makeup in a more natural look and they have to keep their hair back, no shocks of hair in the face. In all, they must have the &quot:model look.&quot: Also, have a positive attiude. Give off an air of confidence – whether you feel confident or now. Make eye contact and believe in yourself.

They would not have signed you if they didn’t think you were marketable (or they are incompetent or they are a scam of some sort). You actually have not got a singe audition since you did not get to do it. The problem is that there are too many people your age and type and not any jobs for them. It is the major problem with professional acting-overcrowdedness. That and that most wannabe actors do not want to work as hard as it takes to be a pro.

It has nothing to do with your agency. Your agency has photos, and has told to them the types of people needed for the shoot. Thus, they offer an audition for those who fit the role description. All I can suggest is to update your portfolio, try to add photos which indicate your ability to adapt to different circumstances. Otherwise, seek out jobs yourself. If they are a well-respected agency, I wouldn’t change.

It depends what agency your with. I myself have fallen victim the &quot:Pay us up front, we’ll get your headshots and send you auditions.&quot: This never prevailed and within 1 year the went into liquidation.

If you paid any money to them, they are probably not cosher. Agencies work by taking comission off the talent once they have been paid, not before.

Sounds far fetched. Why would they? Might be the wrong agency, or you are not what they are looking for. Modeling is not a job you walk into and become famous. Hard work and many hours.


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