Christians, if you made it to the million dollar question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and they asked…?

The current theory that best explains how the human species came to exist as it does on earth is:

A) Evolution via natural selection
B) Aliens seeding
C) Germ theory
D) Intelligent Design

Are you going to honestly sit there are say you’d choose anything other than A?

Does the phrase, cut off your nose to spite your face mean anything.

(Remember, your god will take note your greed… millionaire)

I would ask them to specify. &quot:The current theory&quot: – both Intelligent Design and Evolution are current theories. The question needs to have a definite ‘right’ answer – and it is debatable which theory explains human origin the best (what Christians tend to think vs. what non-Christians tend to think – with no ‘proof’ – both are only theories. One with God. One without God).

However, if they specified, &quot:the current scientific theory&quot: then I would go with A, obviously. Or &quot:the most recent widely believed theory&quot: then the answer would be A.

If they didn’t specify exactly what the Q meant I would have to choose which answer A or D I thought they were refering too. I really wouldn’t know. I would maybe go with ‘A’

Going with A would not go against my beliefs. The question is not about my beliefs. Its about fact – &quot:which theory is the best&quot: A or D, which no-one knows (although some arrogantly presume). &quot:Best&quot: would definitely need to be defined. Best scientifically? Best in that its ‘nice’ because there is heaven and a loving God? And how to decide which reasons/reasoning count as ‘best’??

Basically, whatever Q they asked I would answer based on what is most widely understood/believed (not my personal beliefs) because that’s what they want to know. And of course, what I personally believe is not necessarily right. And I want the million dollars, thank you

EDIT: I think that both A and D are ‘current theories’ (unless it was explained to me specifically what is meant by ‘current theory’!) – because A and D are both theories commonly believed today (therefore they are ‘current’), and nothing has proved either theory necessarily wrong (therefore they are ‘possibly true’)

Lmao! What an awesome question!

D is the truth AND THATS THE ONLY CHOICE CUZ I DONT LIE…money wont save us folks….dont ask game ques THIS IS RELIGION

Great question.


D. is the only real answer.
if it cost me a million to give the right one. then yes, I would give D.

Dude that is so awesome of a question.


lol, exactly, perfect question, lol, i wish i had thought of it, 🙁

Hypothetical=won’t ever happen.
Enough said.

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