America needs a female president!?

American need a Black president blah..blah..blah…

Does anyone here getting tired of people who keep on saying those things?

I feel it is MUCH better to say ‘America need a good preisdent!


I agree, America needs a good president. And when President Bush’s term is up, we’ll get another good president. Fred Thompson!

Voting for someone for president just because they are a woman, or black, or white, is stupid and irresponsible. If you’re a ten-year old, there’s an excuse for this kind of thinking, but if you’re old enough to vote and you still think this way, do everyone a favor and please stay home on election day.

However, as you said, we could use a GOOD woman, black or white president.

An AFRICAN American is a person who was a citizen of Africa but the immigrated to the US. Im a black American. I have never been to Africa so im not African. Im American. Youre ancestors are not from the US. They most likely came from Europe. Does that make you something else other than American?? BTW: Obama is 1/2 white 1/2 black

I agree. How about America needs a COMPETENT president?

Well, lets kill two birds with one stone… lets make Condi Rice president and then we’ll have both, and everybody can stop with that rhetoric…

What do you think?

(yes, I know she’s not running)

No. Never.

I will never vote for a female President.

I WILL vote for a President who happens to be female.

There’s a difference.

Yes that does feel better. We need a working congress even more who will quit with their games.

You are exactly right. Neither estrogen nor melanin should be factors when voting.

I’m with you!

Hillary thinks she’s getting my vote because she’s a woman. She’s wrong.

Barak won’t get my vote either unless he can show me some serious substance on the actual issues.

I absolutely agree with you–we could do without all the profiling.

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