2006 Pontiac grand prix?

I need to know if this 2006 Pontiac grand prix is awesome. or it has mechanical problems? The reason is i want to buy this car. So any advice would be helpful!!

The new Grand Prixs are very nice, and very reliable.
If you are looking at one with alot of power, get the GXP model. It has a 303 horsepower V8. The GT model has a 260 horsepower Supercharged V6, and the base model has a 200 horsepower V6.

Once you buy it, come join ClubGP (Club Grand Prix)
don’t forget to check out the message boards!!

I have a 2005 Grand Prix with the 200 HP V6 (Company Car) AND had a 2000 GP with 175 HP (also a company car).

BOTH are/were reliable, handled very well…almost like a sportscar, and have good power and decent torque.

If you’re buying one….skip the base model and go for the GT or GXP. While 200 HP is decent, the car really needs the extra HP to make it really hustle on the road!

I wrecked my M6, and my rental is an 06 Grand Prix. I really like it. It is a very secure ride, very stable, a great amount of power with a lot of &quot:get up and go&quot:, but it doesn’t get out from under you. The inside is very comfortable, I feel like the car just cradles me. I really like it a lot…I wish I could keep it! But I miss my bebe….

They are good cars to own and they have been generally reliable cars, I feel they should be in the same league as the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, they’re really powerful and good on gas with the big V6 engines.

I have an 05 GTP 24000 miles no problems yet

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