2002 c240 mercedes?

does anybody have a 2002 c240 mercedes? do you think they are ugly? go here:


I have a white 2001 which is the same body style. I have had mine for two yrs and love it. I haven’t had many problems.

not ugly just slow. if you dont car about speed then they are great. good mileage for a benz too. only thing that really goes out on them often is the fuel pumps. the c320 has more power and if you want the best one look at a 2005-2006 c350 with the 7 speed automatic and the new v6

Dude is a Mercedes, of course its not ugly

no i think they look great
and i have one too but a 2001 i think that car is awsome
it has good milage and handlin

i dig ’em, but not w/o the sport package and not in silver.

go for red, WITH sport package and you’ll be much happier.

at least i would.

i dont like mercedes

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