who is going to win 2008 Presidential Elections?

Obama or Hillary, I think Obama is going to Win for Sure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a repeat of the last two Presidential Elections amazing as that may sound. The Dems are still riding the momentum of gaining some seats in the 2006 midterm elections, but not by a landslide. If the Dems can keep this momentum going, they might squeak by in 08, but again, not by a landslide. The Repubs continue to distance themselves from the current administration, which is going to help in 08. The Republicans hope that there will be growing dissatisfaction with the Democratic majority, and, by 2008, voters will return the majority to the Republicans and vote for a Republican President to boot. In other words Republicans are hoping that Democrats will fall flat on their faces by 2008 and it will be four more years of a Republican majority. If the Repubs do not win in 2008, they will probably vow that the new Democratic President will be a one term President. That is why more and more people are unhappy with partisan &quot:party&quot: politics and this makes an independent candidate, like Bloomberg, look more viable. The constant bickering and power struggles between the two major parties represents a lot of energy that could be better spent on more constructive things, like solving all the major issues the USA faces these days.


Hillary Clinton. She has way more experience when it comes to being a president. She was there when her husband performed the presidential duties. Plus, she has done over half of Bill’s work for him. She has also travelled around the world and donated to charities. The Muslim guy, on the other hand, I don’t even understand why they let in the Senate in the first place. Don’t you have to be a born American? He totally looks Muslim. Like the men that made a mess on September 11th.

I`m going for Hukabee right now,I don`t think the country`s ready for a African American or Muslim/Islamic as the President,and we sure as the hell don`t want a WHINER like Hillary running stuff,the pressure of the campian made her cry like a baby,just imagine what the pressure from other country`s would do to her,and we need our 2nd ammendment rights kept in tact

I thought it was a foregone conclusion that it would be Hillary. After Iowa, I thought it would be Obama because we all thought he was on an unstoppable wave through NH that would carry him through the very difficult match-ups with CLinton in New York, California and elsewhere. I think the scale tips way back to Hillary now, though I definitely dont count Obama out anymore


Personally, i hope neither are elected president of the United States, however I’d prefer Obama or Hilary. First time for every ting thou, African American or Female.


Senator Clinton, voters care about having someone who’s experienced and qualified to handle the difficult problems that this country is currently facing:

The wars in Iran and Afghan
The economy &amp: jobs creation
The recession
Foreclosure problems

Hopefully the people will win by the best person being chosen.

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