When you don’t receive a violation notice for a whole week…?

…do you scream yeahhhhh, dance around, run outside and kiss your neighbor watering the lawn, then come back to your computer, and ask a question declaring you’re the king of the world, and…and…and when you think they’re rooting for you, you get a violation notice for chatting, for the same question?

poll – violation or suspension?

Poll: Violation
No, I pop the cork, drink some champagne and dance around like a ballet dancer without her tutu and then reality sets in and I return to the idiosyncracies of the cyber world!
&quot:This world goes round and round
What goes up must come down
It all comes back to you
You find whatever you feel
You lose whatever you steal
Just like a spinning wheel
The world goes round and round&quot:

My first and only violation came last week when someone asked why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer and my response was Yo that’s a good question. Anyway why that was a violation I don’t know.

Nope, I get madder then a hornet. And I’d much rather a vio then a suspension.

I try not to get too excited I just count my lucky stars that I dodged another bullet.
violation, violation,violation.

yes!……..but I kiss my neighbor’s flowers and grasses not him….and when I get the vios I pluck them and throw em at him sulking…He thinks I’m weird!


wow that sucks but for poll violation

sudden suspension in just one day would be better than a painful v-notice death.

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