what other mods can i add to my car?

ok first of all i want to stay away from any nos and turbo/superchargers and i want technical upgrades no cosmetics or radio upgrades

ok i have a 1972 mustang 302 extremely modified with 9.75:1 compression..estimated about 450-500 HP ok but the problem is im running on stock fmx tranny with stock 8′ rear end with 3.01 gears and stock front suspension..i did upgrade the front brakes to 4 piston wilwood and of course got some bigger tires 245/35R18 front 275/35R20 (i know i can go bigger i have about 4 more inches to play with) and factory drum in the back..running a chevy hydrobooster and a ford master cylinder. next to go on when i get it back is a B&amp:M quicksilver shifter..after when i get more money the tranny and gears will be replaced and the addition of rear disc brakes..ok now what else can i do? i know i can put MSD ignition systems and things like that..basically i want this car to be a drag racing small block ford..what should i do to my car????

thank you!

Try these five magazines in print or on line PLUS visit all of the MUSTANG FORUMS on line too.
Out of all of this info you should have your &quot: Stang&quot: breathing fire in no time.
Have fun !!!

bigger injectors, port and polish your head, forged pistons, upgraded camshaft, cam gears, get carbon fiber body parts and make your car lighter

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