What car would you rather have? BMW 328 Coupe, Benz c300, or Benz GLK?

What car would you rather have? BMW 328 Coupe, Mercedes Benz c300, or Mercedes Benz GLK? – All black. I am a 17 yr old male, price is not a factor – what would you rather have?

the BMW will make you look like a cock ha ha but it is cool and sporty
The mercedes will make you look like your rising up in the world, but it is still the bottom of the line mercedes (unlike the BMW)
That GLK is a sick looking SUV that turns heads especially when your that young. Plus you can drive your friends around.

I would say its between the BMW and GLK (mostly the GLK)

Basically, you are choosing between a GT coupe, a comfortable sedan, and a luxury small SUV. I would go for the BMW for sure, I love BMWs, and I don’t need a sedan, let alone an SUV, but that is my personal choice. Those cars are just way too different to compare. Also, as a new driver, you are bound to bump them, and they are not really cheap to fix. 328 and C300 are too fast for a young driver imho. Maybe the best bet would be the GLK for now.

Perfect question. I’m a seventeen year old male as well and I own a BMW 325ci.
Sick car: easy to upgrade, easy to drive, looks awesome, all black, classy yet sporty.

I’d go with the 328i coupe.
Sweet car, good luck.

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bmw all the way!
-good mpg
-safe and good handling
-better resale value
-PLUS for your age, it’s perfect. A mercedes seems more like an adults car and is less sporty

uhh the bmw i guess. but personally id get an audi or a lexus.

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