What can President Bush do about gas prices?

I have seen plenty of posts on this site blaming President Bush for high gas prices, without any analysis. Realistically, has he done any thing to bring about high gas prices and can he do anything to lower them?

nothing, its not the executive branch that gave tax breaks and at the same time taxes gas, its the congress or the do nothing dems who control it and tax and spend as their motto, realistically we in the US have it easy on gas, however if we would realize OPEC is not our friend and neither is congress the better off we might be.

I think part of the problem is the deflated dollar in relation to the rest of the worlds courrency. That is something that Bush can have a hand it, but can’t entirely fix. We are heading to the ‘r’ word-and I didn’t want to say that-as most economies cycle through.

The high gas prices are due to supply and demand. The OPEC countries aren’t going to supply any more than they are b/c they don’t have to. Demand has gone up b/c of China’s and India’s increased use.

Bush could possibly try to push for drilling in ANWAR or other US owned areas where there is oil, but congress won’t let that go.

The thing he might have done to hurt us in this is the war. The fact that we are spending a lot of money there and taking in less money through taxes hurts our economy and the dollars value.

But, Bush is the great evil person who is responsible for everything from a lady getting her boob grabbed in a convenience store to Hurricane Katrina to the wild fires in Cali last year- if you listen to libs and Bushbashers.

It’s the gas companies – NOT the president, though I do believe that Bush should at least talk to the companies to find out what can be done to lower the prices or investigate WHY the prices keep going up.

Gas prices have nothing to do with Bush or the war in Iraq. Gas prices are related solely to the law of supply and demand, which is basic economics.

To insist that Bush or the war or the alignment of planets is to blame for increased gas prices is nothing more than a show of ignorance and a lack of education.

Most oil production around the world is state-run, which is not efficient. More and more demands are being made for oil (China, India) against the current supply. Supply and demand.

The sale of gas and oil in this country is by private corporations. It’s free enterprise.

That said, since Bush did nothing to cause the gas prices to go up, he has no power to reduce them.

He can not do that much.
Congress is the one that runs the economic.Bush and Congress Which ones worse?Approval ratings for the Democrat Congress worse than those for Bush.
This website will show those uneducated the CONSTITUTIONAL power Congress has. Read up on what kind of control Congress has on War and Money. Then if you still believe its the Presidents fault, you have moved from Ignorant (unknowing) to stupid (knowing and not caring)

There is a huge cartel of OPEC countries who are deciding oil prices. Bush needs to explore more oil from Alaska and also maintain relations with OPEC countries (no… not hostile relations).

the only thing bush has to do with gas is this…
oil cos. make 8 cents on every gallong ptofit..the do all the exploration drilling, and cleanups if theres an accident
the FEDERAL govt makes 60 cents a gallong in taxes for doing nothing other then picking their nose…..
u are after the wrong guy…lets see u go after the govt over the taxes….cmon people wake up!

Indirectly, he has had an impact on oil prices. Oil was between 30-40 dollars a barrel before he called for an invasion on Iraq. Things like this make investors sell higher.

He can’t do any thing with out killing your econmy even more if he taxes them they will raise their prices. The most important thing you need to know is that gas company are controlled by people like you.

Forget the Dems’ UHC dreams!

What Bush needs to be doing is finding a way to give us all free gas….. for life!

Yea, that’s the ticket….

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