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Do you and your dogs reside?
Are you the sole provider of your dogs or do your parents pay for everything?
Are the fleas and ticks a major problem this year?

My guys are Southern Gentlemen and bark with that southern drawl.
I have been supporting myself and my animals for more years than I will admit to.

I treat with Frontline Plus but my grooming shop is getting hammered with flea and tick ridden dogs

Humor me I am bored

Im also in the south – southern CA, that is. :o)
I am the sole provider.

Thankfully, I have only seen one tick in years, and that was on a foster dog. I think he brought it with him. I keep all the vegetation cut down low, and that may help.

Fleas have not been much of a problem either. I use beneficial nematodes in the yard, and they help a lot. Plus I have laminate and throw rugs in the house, and I launder them on a regular basis, so there are not many hiding places for the fleas.

Foxtails, now…..the foxtails are AWFUL this year. Fortunately, most of my dogs and foster dogs are smooth coated, so you can see them and remove them easily.

We stay in the west coast of Scotland.
I am the sole provider of the dog financially, but the whole family helps out with feeding and walking etc. if I go out.
Thankfully fleas and ticks have never been much of a problem for me. For about the 10 years I have owned dogs I only remember one case where my dog picked up fleas. I just treated it with Frontline and the issue was quickly resolved. One other time I got a badly cared for puppy who had a few fleas on her but it didn’t take long to sort that out either. Even when I was younger I don’t remember more than one or two of my dad’s dogs ever catching fleas.

I’m in little middle of nowhere VT, but also in the most populated area of the state. I think 90% of the population lives in Btown.

Everyone around here uses some kind of spot on…but I don’t. My dog is very short coated and I look him over everyday for fleas and/or ticks. I didn’t have a problem with them last year. I don’t like to use pesticide on my animal unless I have to (yuck!). Although I just got him tested and started on Heartguard. I was a bad mom for not having done it last year!

I am the sole provider of my dog (and my cat). Most of my income goes towards them since I’m a new graduate working a low paying non profit job. Most of the people I know who have dogs are in their 30’s and almost none of the people my age have dogs…they all ‘don’t have enough money’. So I often wonder what other people do with their money that I somehow have enough, but they don’t? Lol…who knows. I love Percy and I’m glad I got him!

Since he came from NC he more than likely has a southern drawl, but it might have changed a little to the Yankee accent up here in New England :-p

We live in the country of Texas…..
I am the sole provider for my dogs. My husband supports us and I support the dogs.
No flea or tick problems so far, thank goodness. I haven’t had to use any pesticides either….thank goodness.
I had a cat get neurological damage from frontline (and yes I used the cat kind). So I am pretty scared of the spot on treatments. I use sevin dust on my yard and adams flea mist on the dogs when ever they leave the property. I use a lamp over a pan of soapy water in the house to catch any fleas if they get in my carpet. Hadn’t had problems for some years, and with everything I have been hearing about fleas this year, I’m sure my turn is coming.

We currently reside in the most southern part of Canada.

Yes, I am the sole provider.

And we have never had a flea problem – and I don’t use flea prevention. I might this year though – it’s our first summer here, and it’s a much warmer climate than where we used to live, so fleas and ticks are more of an issue.

Hey Rotten Rots!
Let me try to help relieve some of your boredom as it`s raining steady here in the great North West, Oregon to be exact.
No flea or tick problems here yet, I`m sure the ticks will be out in full force once we get some decent temperatures.
Me I alway`s Front line my crew so flea problems, don`t have em
Wish you lived here, I could use a groomer that can do show cuts on Aussies and Flat Coats.
Good Luck and God Bless
OOP`s almost forgot, I`m the sole provider for my crew unless anyone wants to start donating money, lol.
I`m alway`s open to cash donations, lol.

I’m also in the Southern US ( I eat grits but the dog won’t touch them 🙂 ) I am the sole supporter of my dog. I haven’t seen a flea/tick problem yet this year but I have started his montthly flea treatment as its getting that time of the year.

I Used to live in Oh, but i moved to Alabama almost 4 Years ago. So, my dogs also bark with a southern drawl. (LOL) My husband and I are the sole provider for our animals aka zoo (LOL). We have 6 dogs, 4 cats, a Turtle, a snake &amp: a bunch of white mice (ppl around here call them rats).
Fleas and ticks are both bad here, but we treat with Frontline Plus so our pets have no problems. 🙂

Central US…as in right in the middle (KS). My dogs bark with no accent whatsoever, much to their dismay.

I currently reside at home, and help my parents with the bills, but do all the grooming/training myself, as I have for years. We also treat with Frontline Plus, and it kills the ticks/fleas, but we are always picking ticks off from April to October. Just one of those things.

We are somewhere in sunny California.
My husband &amp: I are the sole providers.
Ticks and fleas are a MAJOR problem here! They must be on Frontline Plus every month – if I am just a day late giving them the medication they will be COVERED from head to toe. I mark the days I treat them.

I’m bored too 😛

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