Should John McCain ask Hillary Clinton to be his VP on the 2008 General Ballot?

She is not compatible with Obama, and Obama can never trust her at his back, ever, and thanks to her own doing.

No, but I bet she would take it. She is desperate

John McCain ==&gt: everlasting Presence in Iraq, greater Imperialism Hillary Clinton ==&gt: Orderly Withdrawal quickly, international relatives John McCain ==&gt: salary for Drug &amp: coverage firms Hillary Clinton ==&gt: common well-being coverage those political philosophies do exactly not blend nicely.

She should go back to working on the board of Walmart and never enter politics again. Unless your a Capitalist corporate CEO or a Banker, you should never vote for a Clinton.

Its people like her that will take away your rights with a smile and try to make you think its a good idea.

If that happens, the race would become

&quot:Obama VS. Barr&quot:

with McCain and the Republicans as the third-party.

Thinking with that little brain again aren’t you George?
Guess what, hillary is a Democrat, yes, it’s true. In addition, I just listened to Obama speak and he is hinting that Hillary might be his VP.

Vote Obama 2008

Only if he wants conservatives to stay home or vote third party.

Wow both have been on the opposite sides of almost all laws one is republican and one is a democrat .

They wouldn’t work well because the issues are so diferent

First of all she couldn’t you idiot. He is Republican and she is Democrat. I love how we have people that know this much about politics……..

Only if he wants to lose.

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