Poll: do you find it rude when people use caps lock?

star if you think its annoying

I don’t think it is annoying if someone is trying to EMPHASISE a word but there are some folks that you can just tell they are shouting with their answer…..it is those that I find annoying.
I use caps lock if I want to emphasise something.

LOL….cushty way of getting a load of stars lol lol lol.

From what i have learned in computer etiquette, using caps mean you are shouting. We must always be careful with what and how we write in computer because &quot:words can hurt, words can kill.&quot: Once you’ve sent your e-mail (unless there are options like Delete or Edit), an angry word or sentence cannot be recalled anymore. Yes, I find it rude when people use caps to emphasize their point.

it is annoying.. and harder to read.. On the internet, caps lock means you’re shouting.. And its rude to shout.

I wont give you a star, because you asked for one.

To me Caps symbolizes Yelling. So Yes.

And Seeing alot of Text typed all in Caps hurts my eyes trying to read it…

it really depends on the person on who is using it. like some people, (like for instance my grandpa), he doesnt know how to remove the capslock, he just text straight from his phone. But he doesnt really mean it. On the other hand, like the ethics code, it is not right to use it because you they define as shouting/yellling. also you can use it to capitalized something in the subject. THere is always an exception.

You’re treading on thin ice. I got violated the other day for asking a question about caps lock. You’ll offend the trolls.

I don’t understand why some people use it, it seems like they’re yelling when it’s the most laid back question, and I think it looks weird, but I don’t think it’s rude. I don’t care, I don’t even know that person why do I care if they’re going capitilize their letters… damn I’m not that sensitive.

Usually, yes. Unless you’re typing an acronym (such as NASA), it’s equivalent to shouting. Would you find it rude for someone to shout in your face for no apparent reason? Of course you would.


Yes, it’s like they dont give a flying f*uck about what they are writting and want to make you read that crap.
There is no respect for ANYTHING nowadays.

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