How bad will it be if Iran actually does have nuclear weapons in the near future?

They will probably get them one day. Could be anywhere between 3 years and 15 years from now. No one seems to know how long it will take them to reach this goal, but they will reach it. Attacking them is not an option and deep down the USA and Israel know this.

So consider this… how bad would a nuclear armed Iran really be?

Attacking them is certainly an option.

How bad would it be?

Well, let’s see,
a country (of nice people) ruled by insane theocrats who believe that if they die killing infidels they will go straight to heaven?

who cleared mine fields in their war with Iraq by sending their own children in with plastic &quot:keys to heaven&quot: and told that if they hear a boom, it means that child is going straight to heaven…

Who want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth (and take the palestinians nearby with them…)

Who threaten their gulf neighbors by claiming that as heirs to the Persian empire, all other &quot:gulf nations&quot: should not be independent but subservient to Iran…

Who support terrorism in the Sunni Shia war in which they slaughter one another over who was Mohammed’s &quot:real heir…&quot:

pretty bad indeed.

There is a virus ready to kick in causing a &quot:cascade effect&quot: failure as soon as they go &quot:active&quot:.

It should be good.

How bad do you think suicide bombers strapped with nukes would be?

It will be bad.

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