Do you guys actually go for more curvy thicker girls?

I know this is a random question, but I was surfing the net and this survey came up about what men prefer in girls: skinny, larger, or just curvy. I myself am kinda odd shaped meaning to an average normal person, or a doctor, I am very slim, maybe a little under weight, but I have thicker thighs and a not so tiny butt lol. But if you saw me, you’d think I didn’t eat much (so not true lol) but I was wondering, is the stereotype true? Do guys tend to go straight for the skinny chicks, even if they’re not nice or have a pretty face? I truly am curious, is all. Cause some guys like the rail thin, no boobs, model-esque look, some like the average build (like me) and some like the curvy fuller girls, depends on the guy I guess. But then why do I see a lot of my more fuller, heavier girl friends, who have beautiful personalities and pretty faces, single while the mean tan, fake, skinny girls get all the boys?! I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who has loved me for exactly the way I am, small boobs and big booty, but I’m thinking of one of my friends in particular, Jess, who is a little on the heavier side, with beautiful hair and a cute face and a wild personality. Minus the bad temper, she’s an amazing, understanding, funny as hell, smart girl, and yet no guy takes her seriously. A guy she used to have a crush on (whom I know she’d date even though he was an *** to her), whom I used to be friends with who is also bfs with my boyfriend, turned her down flat because of how she looked and instead wasted all his time chasing after a snobby skinny shallow insecure chick. I don’t get it!!! I just don’t get it. I thought in our generation, guys were starting to like girls with more meat on their bones? But I still see a lot of really awesome girls get turned down or stay single because of their weight..what the hell?!

you got a good head on your shoulders dear. i know how you feel kind of, i have a friend who is actually rail thin and short and has young looks and no boobs and she is Absolutely wonderful, she’s super smart, athletic, funny and super pretty and i think she’s the prettiest girl in school and she’s never had a boyfriend and guys don’t seem to like want to date her (except for weird ones) and i just don’t understand that, of course she is shy but guys are supposed to make the first move anyway. lol. my best friend is asian and i just think she’s great and guys like her and all but don’t seem to see her for how wonderful she really is, she’s smart, pretty, and hilarious and they type of person i could trust with my life and then some. and then i have another friend…. she wears makeup and bronzers and is skinny except she has good boobs and she’s a *****, she wants her mom to die and pretty much wants everyone to die that pisses her off and she’s made fun of retarded people and holds a grudge like you wouldn’t believe and has smoked and drank (not judging people who do that, but she’s underage) and guys just love her and are obsessed with her and she has a boyfriend. she used to be really shy and nice but she’s changed a lot and she’s still a good friend but i don’t really trust her that much and can hardly tolerate being around her. i’m not here to like bash skinny chicks or thick chicks or curvy chicks or even guys for that matter, but right now it seems like guys only go for girls with the ideal physique and if their popular and girls are guilty of doing that too. but trust me, when we grow older, things will change, mean girls will be alone and pretty nice girls, whether they are thick or thin, will have their chance and get guys (tons). so i understand where you are coming from because i have friends just like that. hope i helped.

I don’t think a guy will go with an unattractive skinny chick unless she puts out! As for the shape all guys have different preferences some like thin others average and some love chunky. The media makes a lot out of skinny girls so young guys usually get fascinated with the skinny model like girls. But as they grow older they learn to find out what they like and what they don’t. A lot of men LOVE bigger girls because they can get more out of them as oppossed to a pile of bones and skin so your friend will find someone eventually. don’t sweat it 🙂

Boys are shallow creatures.
It’s pretty sad actually.
Sometimes they just need to be slapped, but I don’t think even that would help some of them.
Go for the smarter guys, they tend to be less judgemental (although some of them are still shallow, so no promises.)
And I apologize to the boys that are not shallow and wouldn’t care about a girl’s weight and are annoyed at the other boys for being so shallow: this wasn’t meant towards you guys, it’s just in GENERAL, these have been my observations.

its all about how you fulfill the first impression, the way you react to us, boys have to prove themselfs to the girls and not otherwize, remember: in the end the girl always makes up the rules.

but maybe thats because i like dominant womans..
having a fine *** and boobs is an extra, but the way you dress and how you look (as in what you project) happyface, sadface, cute face, insecure face, and the way you comunicate is a big part aswell

im 23 yrs old , male. i like skinny white girls, lil boobs… 🙂 to each his own

yes, I go! look http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:…

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