Why do humans look weird?

Have you ever just stared at humans and thought We look weird!?

We are weird, but if you look at other creatures we are not as weird as them.

Just gonna point out that it is a movie, and most people aren’t interested in the peaceful aliens coming to the planet and movie companies want money. Well for starters, the chance of extraterrestrial life not existing is astronomically low, just considering the number of planets. The main thing is if it is a) intelligent and b) within our galaxy otherwise it’s existance is irrelevant as we would no be able to contact them. If they were intelligent and were capable of inter-galactic travel, then chances are they’re peaceful. They most likely would not have achieved inter-galactic travel if they were violent as they would have killed each other off first, though they could have some sort of hive mentality which I suppose would get around this. Also, it doesn’t make much sense that another advanced species would come to Earth for our resources as it would be much easier to obtain these resources from other places in the universe than eradicating an entire species to get to them.

But I stare at dogs all the time &amp: think they look like hairy humans on all fours and thats pretty weird =/ Lol x


No. I am a Synthian, so the &quot:we&quot: part wouldn’t make sense.

Other than that minor detail, yes. Yes I have.

a lot of people ask this more and more now because we are probably evolving and /or having memory of looking totally different…..

Because animals such as wolves and birds are so cute!

I don’t,most of us don’t.Maybe it’s because we are so used at looking at it.

because we are weird

LOL ive done that before

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