Why do Democrats STILL refuse to own up to the FACT that they control Congress?

Why is Reid still blasting Republicans for failing to support the health care reform bill, when the Democrats have enough votes to pass it themselves?

Why do Democrats ALWAYS dodge the fact that they are in control of what happens?

Why do Democrats NEVER accept responsibility for their own failures, and blame it on others instead?

They are acting like children.

Grow up, and admit that you’re to blame if you fail, Democrats!

They are scared to make a move. They know that they will lose their jobs if they pass it before the 2010 election. Trust me, they will screw us good if they are re-elected.

Congress does no longer administration policies. Congress passes regulations–statutes. policies are an obligation of the administrative branch. Regulators have huge authority to swap as long because of fact the policies at the instant are not thoroughly inconsistent with Congressional statutes (or the form). the regular regulators of the economic industry (the SEC, Federal Reserve, PCAOB, FHLA,etc.) have huge-ranging authority to swap. This huge ranging authority became into given to them by potential of Congress, which did no longer choose for to be handling the nuts and bolts of the economic industries. it is why they’re noted as &quot:self sufficient federal businesses.&quot: in case you look on the regulations governing the SEC, you will locate that they are incredibly short and don’t say something approximately what regulations the SEC can impose on publicly-traded businesses. all of the main factors are labored out interior the SEC and not by potential of Congress. the comparable is actual for the federal reserve and the different self sufficient businesses. the main problems with our economic device are a consequence of lax regulation over the final countless years. the administrative branch–that’s, the President–became into at the back of the lax regulatory environment.

As a Democrat, I agree with you to an extent. The Democrats have to forget entirely about the Republicans and corral the conservative Democrats by whatever means necessary. The Republicans are useless. All they do is try to obstruct with their endless amendments and propaganda. The conservative Democrats are the real problem.

Edit: To correct misinformation below — the majority of Democrats in Congress voted against the Iraq War Resolution.

Too much responsibility for those who would rather bash Sarah Palin then to look around and acknowledge that their party is leading the country down the path of destruction. Liberals, remember when you attended UC Berkley, and if your instructor told you that you had a test on friday, what you had to do to pass it? Homework. Study. Try that next time an election comes around, before you head to the animal house to party.

Progress in Congress is being hampered by the fact that, due to Republican irresponsibility, we must represent both the liberal and conservative points of view, while the Republican party bays at the moon.

Putting it simply (for Republican’s benefit), we have to do our job and your job too.

Do you mean like the unanimous democrat desire to invade Iraq till the war started to turn, THEN they get severe amnesia and blame Bush? Uh Huh…

If it weren’t for double standards, libs would have no standards at all…

I will agree that if the democrats had acted as one the republicans would be forgettable.*

It’s a way to divert attention from the dissension within their party.

They avoid accountability, they know they can’t avoid it when they’re in control with 300 million people watching.



Republicans will block any lib health care


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