Why do atheists hate people who are religious?

Now, I’m not Christian or anything but I notice on here all the time Atheists constantly going after Christians. I mean seriously, do you all go after immigrants too? How do you get off judging people. If you retort with, you judge me! I’m not though, I’m observing and asking a valid question based on the questions you’ve all asked.

I believe water is wet are you going to say I’m wrong to believe that too?

Why isn’t it enough, to let people believe what they want to believe and live your life the best way you know how without passing judgment on them even without knowing them.

i don’t think, though i can’t know for certain, that the atheists on here hate me for being unitarian universalist and agnostic

i don’t get that they are judging people either. most usually they are pointing out untruths and things that cannot logically occur.

i myself have a hard time letting some of the comments made by members of certain various religions go because it i clear that some of their beliefs, which i believe to be most likely untrue, hurt other people.

to say water is wet is assuming we agree on what water is and that we experience wetness the same way. 🙂 i’m just joking with ya.

they want to drag us down to there level of misery, the militant ones are spiritual vampires in practice even if they not know it, they feed of negative energy, they cheer when a young christian on here loses there faith and becomes addicted to porn, they are not interested in creating anything, they are only interested in destruction, in the occult the left hand side is associated with destruction and rebellion, what damage they are doing , they do not know , all they do is mock and scoff , this is why most atheist are involved in left wing politics

Dude I have tons of religious friends, but religion never comes up as the topic of our daily conversation. This forum is meant for people to openly discuss their views on religion. The main opponents of atheists are the Christians: it fires back and forth with contradicting opinions.

Typically, and not all, but atheists are jealous of someone who has conviction of truth without the ability to rationally demonstrate empirical evidence. Intuitive objectivity is perceived as an oxymoron.

honestly, because religion hates on them, and everyone else

and christianty is currentely the dominat religion, and is the most vocal about its hatred for everyone
so of course its the one thats foces on most

if organised religion would live and let live, so would everyone else, but, it doesnt

I think they hate it more when we try to put God in their lives and laws. Like with abortion and gay marriage. They don’t want Christians in America to have rule over them and their sinful ways.

We don’t hate them. Some religious people just have silly beliefs. Do you still believe in Santa?

Water is very definitely wet. Tangibly so.

God, on the other hand, is pretend.

Pointing out the latter is a public service. Not a hate crime.

Why do some people make sweeping generalizations that are patently untrue? Maybe it’s because they’re dishonest and have an axe to grind.

i don’t think it’s so much about hating religious people, just logically discrediting what they think to be true

I don’t hate religious people. Your question is daft.

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