What would you name four boys with my favourite names?

Asa, Henry, Charles, Ezra, Felix, Jasper, Percy, August, Ezekiel, Darcy, Kit, Edward, Ambrose, Arthur, Benjamin, Oscar, Clark, Caspar, Theodore, Isidore, Augustus, Julian, Harry, Gabriel, Zachariah, Winston, Quinn, Frederick, Beau, Sylvester, Max, William, Jude, Reginald, Rex, Ari.

1. Henry Oscar
2. Darcy Frederick
3. Charles Jasper
4. William Jude

Henry, Darcy, Charlie and William (Charlie Atticus, Darcy William and Henry Oliver are my 2nd, 3rd and 4th favourite boys’ combos!)

– Ella 🙂

Julian Oscar
Theodore Jasper
Henry Ambrose
Arthur Quinn

~ Jules, Theo, Henry &amp: Artie ~

I love every one of these!

Henry Theodore &quot:Henry&quot:
Benjamin Clark &quot:Ben&quot:
Gabriel August &quot:Gabe&quot:
William Charles &quot:Will&quot:

– Theodore Beau
– Benjamin Asa
– Arthur Winston
– Charles Zachariah

• Zachariah Jude
• Theodore Henry
• Edward Gabriel
• Charles August

— Rosie ♥

• Ezra Gabriel
• Felix Henry
• Beau William
• Max Benjamin

== Ezra, Felix, Beau, and Max ==

I love all of them, so this will be very hard…

Caspar Benjamin
August Sylvester
Gabriel Edward
Zachariah Henry


August, Benjamin, Gabriel, Quinn

• William Henry
• Edward Julian
• Charles Benjamin
• Harry Arthur

&quot:William, Edward, Charles, and Harry&quot: 🙂

Jasper Jude (this name is actually on my list!)
Winston Ezra (Winstons on the lost as well a we must have similar taste in names!)
Ezekiel (Zeke) Max
Arthur Rex

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