What % of Americans still buy into this nonsence that illegals work jobs Americans wont?

I haven’t been at this site very long, but I am amazed at how many people seen to think the illegal Mexicans (mostly) are working jobs Americans wont! They list hotel workers such as maids, construction and I’m not quite sure what other jobs they mean? Its not like any of these jobs are new ones? We’ve had Americans working almost every one of these jobs in the past with the poss able exception of picking crops. In my opinion the illegals have driven the pay scale so low on many jobs that an American can not live on what they pay. We prefer to live as single generation families instead of having multible families and generations sharing one home like the illegals do. I also resent this idea that we Americans are too lazy or high and mighty to work some jobs. I’m 59 years old and I remember when 90% of the jobs in our country paid a wage that met the cost of living. I grew up in MO and never saw an illegal until I went to Chicago in 1975. Even then there weren’t a lot of illegals there. Now they have over run my home town and I see them in all job markets. I’m wondering if the people who still believe the spin of them working dirty low paid jobs just blindly believe what they are told….or if they are blind and cant see for themselves just how many more there are now vs. 20 years ago? By 2050 ( I believe sooner) hispanics will be the largest segment of our population! Doesn’t that sound like an invasion? And for the record, anyone who sneaks into our country is not an immigrantt! They are criminals, plain and simple.

Only the ones who are related to illegals or in relationships and I do not think they believe it but it gives them another excuse for their criminal actions, the same as they use their racism!! I am on the East Coast and it use to be the same. No illegals. Many immigrants since it is a college town but they came legally. This is also a farming community and none of them to this day use illegals!! And that is in two counties in my state and surrounded by three others out of state who do not use illegals!! Most Illegals are in the larger cities, guess they find farm work there. And I live within 200 miles of 4 of our major cities! My husband has worked construction all his life after the Army. So has his family and my own. I have worked fields and not afraid to go pick my own now. I paid for my own college education.
Any other country who had this many people invade their soil would be asking the U.S. for help, but obama wants us to welcome them. Never will I!

You can keep the change!!!

Funny illegals have been caught doing top jobs, look at ones caught being police officers. These people are masters at identity theft and illegal documents!

Even some illegal immigrants sit in professional offices. While workers who are here illegally were far less likely to hold higher-wage jobs, the report cited data from the Pew Research Center showing that about one in five illegal immigrants do white-collar work.

MinnPost – Census analysis pierces stereotype: 48% of Twin Cities …
22 Apr 2010 … More than 10 percent of the workers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area … A similar pattern held across 14 of the nation’s 25 largest metro areas analyzed by the institute’s researchers. … Even some illegal immigrants sit in professional offices. … that about one in five illegal immigrants do white-collar work. Job …
http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2010/04/… – 54k –


Jack99 , Tell me how the person doing the job for 10.00 can pay his taxes , Social Security , Workers Comp ? Alabama Brick Masons Pay 14% in Worker Comp , Illegals are Laying Brick for $200.00 a Thousand , Let Say you Lay 1,000 brick a day thats 5,000 a week or $1,000.00 a week Now out of this you have to Pay your taxes , Social Security , Worker Comp and Last but not least your Help , Now lets go with your price of $10.00 and Hour thats $400.00 a week to your help after matching Social Security , lets not forget up keep on equip gas to job and gas for your mortar mixer , Now you tell me How much money is left for the Brick mason to support his Family . Like the Man said You are part of the Problem .

you are 59 years old things have changed since then for example did your son or daughter want to be maid or work in construction when she/he grow up?

the difference between illegal and legal citizens is that legal have a chance to study and make something of themselves if they mess up they blame illegal immigrants for not having a part time job

illegal immigrants don’t have nothing so they will mostly take any job so don’t blame illegal immigrants because they took your dream of becoming a maid or construction worker

There are jobs that only illegals are willing to do like underpaid farm work. If the farmers were paying minimum wage, there would always be some Americans who’d do the job, though. This applies to construction as well. A well trained American carpenter is going to expect to be paid more than minimum wage while a trained illegal alien will be happy to work for minimum wage. So, that makes it easy for businesses to say that illegals only take the jobs that Americans don’t want.

The villain in this are the US businesses who are greedy and unwilling to pay a fair wage. Of course, if the illegals weren’t in the country, the businesses wouldn’t get away with this but on the other hand, if companies didn’t hire illegals, they wouldn’t want to come to the US… I think, it’s more important to severely fine US companies and put business owners in jail for hiring illegal aliens than to go after the illegals. The true criminals are the ones who hire them.

S*** roles down hill. Its cause and effect here. Illegal immigrants are usually all packed in one home because thats really the only way they can survive. They have multiple people bringing in a low income to try to pay for food, rent and other bills.

I’ll use farmers as the example here. Farmers have to hire people who will accept low wages because theyre either taxed too much or they have to meet a demand made by a big corporation. They must meet a demand every fiscal cycle set by the corporation that owns them, they must also pay taxes, pay for their living expense and to keep the farm going. In the end, the farmers end up with no money and they live pay check to pay check because of taxes and high demand from corporations.

Put two and two together….its the taxes and corporations who cause wages to go up or down. This is a problem that has been around for a long time and its a partial cause of the recession we are in right now.

People come to this country to pursue their dreams like driving a taxi, selling hot dogs, or working in a sweatshop.

Those are opportunities that don’t exist in their countries.

When did you lose a job to an illegal alien? Did you lose your job delivering Chinese food on your bike for 50 cents an hour? Did you lose a job picking oranges in the 100+ degree heat for $5 an hour?

I still think they are taking jobs that Americans either won’t do or demand too much money to do.

When was the last time you saw an illegal immigrant weather girl? Or the illegal immigrant investment banker?

Although that would be funny to see the illegal alien weather man.

&quot:Today in Southern California it will hot and muggy with very low visibility… Good day to cross a river.&quot: *wink wink*

The only people that believe that are those who want to justify the illegal presence of themselves or someone they know.
Every job they say that an American citizen &quot:won’t &quot: do, I know someone who does do that job.
There is no job that an American citizen will not do. It might not be their first choice for a job, but they will do it to support their family.

i dont get it either. when i was out of work, I couldnt even get a fast food ob becasue the mexicans all had them. now, the dream act is rewarding illegal aliens, and politicians in my area are all like, we should follow Gov Browns footsteps in our state. I ahd to pay every single bill from college myself, and am still paying my loan. Plus, I thought it was an american ideal to be honest, even if that hurt you, at least thats what my dad taught me.

I agree with shortie you spelling is very bad for an American (are you sure you are American?). Illegals do the jobs that most Americans won’t do i.e. low paying manual stuff. They can’t get the top jobs though.

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