What is your opinion on dog cages…PLZ read below…?

I have had a border collie puppy for 10 days now, she is 9 weeks old and she sleeps in the kitchen at night with no problems or accidents. I would never use one as punishment but was thinking of when i am at work. ( i only work two 3hr mornings and one 6hr day a week) she will be left at home all alone and when she starts teething what then?) would it be okay to start using one for those times and on a night or will it be cruel?

crate training is FANTASTIC – dogs are designed to live in small dens, not vast cavernous rooms. pups by nature feel safe and secure tucked up in a &quot:den&quot: while they wait for their mothers to return with something tasty.

the only thing is, she’s only 9wks old – too young to be away from her mother, really: shoulda given her another 3wks or so – so she can’t be left in there for hours and hours. someone has to go check on her every 2 to 3hrs to let her out to do her business or you’ll come home to a dog bath each and every night. this is bad because it will teach her to be comfortable lying in her own mess and good luck with housetraining once that happens!

btw: i have a border collie mix – you DO know what’s involved with them, don’t you?

TWO walks a day, minimum 45min a shot – i walk my dog once a day because of babysitting issues but it’s six miles (2hrs).

in-door training – BC are brilliant animals but if you don’t allow them to exercise their brains, they’ll find their own forms of amusement and you will *not* like it. my dog was up to eating the bloody 2x4s out of the bathroom wall as well as any electric or electronic wire he could get a hold of. now he opens and closes the fridge on command: lets himself in the house (i leave the door off the latch) and shuts it behind him: picks stuff off the floor and puts it in a basket: nannies the cats and kittens (keeps them groomed): and polices the household (no fighting or yelling allowed). he is also showing signs of being an excellent diagnostician: so far, he’s detected diabetes, crohn’s disease (both were visitors to the house), my ear infection, and my infected bellybutton (who knew you could even get one of those!???).

outdoor training – she needs to learn what her property boundaries are. if you have the space, get her a flock of ducks – she’ll be happy and occupied all day long keeping them in order. dandy doesn’t have ducks but we do my sorry attempt at agility training until i can get him into a real class. he climbs the stair/ladder to hang out on the roof, climbs the pine tree out back when his frisbee gets stuck in it (he can get up to about six feet off the ground), jumps from a sit to the top of a 4ft retaining wall, jumps up onto and walks along retaining walls, jumps over (clears) park benches, and so on.

between all of that, i devote a minimum 3hrs a day just to my dog.

in other words, BC are an ****uber-high demand**** breed and if you MUST commit to her 100%. if you don’t, do the right thing and rehome her before you end up with a destructive dog that will drive everybody mental and miserable.

put her in a cage for buy a play pin for her

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