POLL:Dream house or dream car?

Whats a couple things you think of to be in your dream house???
What is your dream car?
Please feel free to give me the pic links! 🙂 Thank You God Bless!!!


My dream car is a 1965 Nash Metropolitan that I could alter to be an automatic as they were all stick shifts. The color would be turquoise blue and white.

My dream house would have a game room in it that included a pool table, ping pong table, small movie theater section for 10-20 people, lots of old pinball machines, game tables and a small kitchen area with a fridge, microwave and some storage cabinets.

Buy the car if you don:t ever really want to own a house. You’ll be down 60 K and that’s not too easy to save up again. Lotuses are pretty cool cars but I think ya gotta go with the house! Get a smaller house and in a few years get the car. if the real estate market picks up, take out an equity loan then get a lotus….. Good luck!

Dream house

WOOOOOOHOOO that would be the best &lt:3

My dream house is a big, classy, classic and elegant mansion 🙂

A couple things I want in it, well since it would be on huge land.. there would be a lake, gazeebo, tennis court, pool and a HUGEE kitchen for me to cook all sorts of food for my family
(It would be even BETTER if it was waterfront!) so it would be on either a hugeee lake or beach.. preferably the beach! I would wake up and feel like im on a holiday everyday!


Ferrari- enzo, spyder, maranello

Dream house -surrounded by a beautiful lawn and with a fish tank in the lawn with colorful fishes , a swing to sit on.
Dream car- No dream car as of now.

in my dream house, it would be two or three even four levels high, i would have a library filled with science fiction novels (definitely my star wars collection), i would have a cinema screen television obviously, many gaming systems–PSP’s, Nintendo DS’s, PS3’s, X-box 360’s, Wiis, with many games. I would have drink vending machines littered around the house. I would have a swimming pool and a tennis court at the back of my house with huge gardens.

my dream cars would be Lamborghini Reventon, Pagani Zonda

Dream house, indoor pool, whirl pool tubs, butlers and maids, Pool house and cabana, water slide, diving board, private beach, jet skis stables with horses, scenic views in every room, a rose garden a fruit orchard, a pig farm, plenty of land, water fountains , aquariums,

A dream house for sure. Mine would have a pool, hot tub, sauna, maybe a miniature golf course and home theatre.
However, I do have a dream car that changes almost every year. This time it’s a dodge viper. Have a look! http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/im…

A penthouse!:


I want a nice view, with a personal decorated touch, a nice flat screen tv,but nothing too big, a really big closet, and a mirror in the ceiling of my room. Keeping it simple.

And a mercedez benz:


dream house!!! with fort knox like security because im a paranoid freak o_0 somewhere secluded like indonesia or paupa new guinea where i can harvest DMT and longboard naked

besides, i would rather cruise around on my sector9 anyway 😀

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