NBA: King Ray Allen is the better player over Kobe Bryant and Lebron James? T or F? Why?

Ray Allen is better then kobe or lebron in 3’s? T or F? Agree or Disagree? Why?

i would agree, Lebron is not always a three point shooter and neither is Kobe. but Allen always is in position to take a 3.

Lebron James

False, but I don’t want to undermine Ray Allen. He’s the best three point shooter, the best pure shooter, and the best 3-point shooter out of the three. However, he’s more one-dimensional compared to Kobe and LeBron.

Rey Allen is better than Kobe and Lebron in three point shooting. But the other two are better players overall because they can play good defense.

ray allen is a great 3 taker but kobe create plays and lebron not always a three taker

Ray allen is better in 3’s. Overall, Ray allen is not better

Ray Allen is one of the best shooters in basketball history and the only one that deserves Respect in a team full of fakers and cry-babies… aka celtics.

And YES, agree, he’s better than kobe or lebron in 3’s.



Ray Allen STATS- PPG 15.8 RPG 3.20 APG 3.2 EFF+ 14.85

Kobe Bryant STATS- PPG 26.7 RPG 5.60 APG 4.5 EFF+ 22.19

LeBron James STATS- PPG 23.7 RPG 5.70 APG 7.3 EFF+ 23.77

Clearly they are better then Ray Allen.

I’d have to agree, he’s just a scorer….Kobe is still the greatest at creating shots.


Ray is easily a better shooter. But overall there better

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