My son refuses to poop in the toilet. What do I do? He just poops in his panties. He pees in the toilet.?

I have given him rewards when he poops, but they don’t work. Now I am taking away his favorite car. I just think he knows what he is doing. Am I wrong?

I bet your son is standing when he poops. It is hard to learn how those muscles work when sitting. Make sure he has a potty chair where his feet can touch a stool. Ever try to poop with your legs in the air?!

I followed my son like a hawk and caught him in the act. Then I put him on the potty and gave him a book. It took about 15 minutes, but he did it. Also, my boy will poop his pants, but he’ll run for the potty if he is naked on bottom. After he poops the first time on the potty, try putting him in a long tshirt for a couple of days.

Good Luck!

This may sound odd but they have this book called &quot:Everyone Poops&quot: If his issue is at all mental than that alleviates the stress of it all after continued reading. Also, try making the toilet more child friendly. I had a chart that hung and every time he did it he got a star sticker. After 7 star stickers he got a trip to Chuck E Cheese’s. I even incorporated the Chuck E Cheese logo into the chart. Just be patient and do not punish him, keep your cool about it. Showing your anger only makes the pooping in the toilet a bigger enemy. I understand no one likes cleaning poop, lord knows I have dealt with it enough myself hahaha. Just stay relaxed and take the poop from the underwear and put it in the toilet with him, let him flush and clap as it goes down lol. I feel like such a dork typing that! haha

That seems to be a common thing. I have talked to a lot of other parents with the same problem. My son will actually go hide in the closet when he needs to poop, so he knows that he has to go, he just doesn’t want to do it on the potty. We make a HUGE deal out of it when he does go. We try to pay close attention to when he starts getting stinky farts (a sign he will have to poop soon) and if we find him hiding we run him to the potty quick.

I have also found that even though he has just gone in his pants, if we sit him on the potty and ask him to try and make more poop on the toilet he will go again a little and we again make a big deal out of it.

We don’t do rewards for every time he goes. instead we have a laminated chart in the bathroom and every time he goes he gets to fill in a star. At the end of the chart he gets a toy. He LOVES the movie Cars, so he works for those. Each time he starts a new chart he gets to pick out which car he wants next.

We had this same problem with our son when he was just about 3 years old. We finally realized we just had to back off and let him start when he was ready. We told him we would get him a Buzz Lightyear action figure when he pooped in the pot and then just left it at that. A while later, maybe several weeks or so, he finally gathered up the courage to try it, and we ran right out to Target and got him that Buzz Lightyear! Once he tried it that one time and realized it wasn’t so awful, he was done with diapers. So if nothing seems to be working, my advice would be to back off for a while and leave it up to him. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s true: he’ll do it when he’s ready! Good luck and don’t lose hope.

I have been through this and don’t punish your child for this it will make it worse. I found that by letting him feel poop in his pants for a short while he got sick of that and started pooping in the toliet. He was 3 1/2 when fully trained.

Children seem to think of poop as a &quot:part&quot: of them. I agree, I knew a pediatrician that threw his daughter a poopy party. Make a big deal about it and make sure they KNOW its normal.

Several things.

First, make him help clean up and do laundry.

Second, I would up the fiber in his diet to increase how often he poops.

And finally, I would let him sit on a potty in front of the television so maybe if he is willing to sit on it longer, he will get the hang of it sooner.

Of course I also would use the word underpants.

I know this is a very very difficult thing to go through. I remember with my 2nd boy – I thought he would be in 1st grade before he got the potty thing down. Its scary for them…. maybe if you show him when you go that its ok. I know this sounds gross but it may help. Mine used to go behind a chair and go in their diapers…. hang in there. He will grasp on to the idea soon.

it takes time ,be patient and keep training .what is your son doing in panties anyway.

Why is your son wearing panties?

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