My EX Wife was involved in a car accident?

My EX Wife Stacy was involved in a serious car accident. I’m very worried and scared the doctor told me that is very possible she might have brain damage. I don’t know how to explain this to our 5 year old daughter. She asked me it mommy was OK and i told her she was just sleeping. I still care deeply about Stacy even though we aren’t together anymore. I never wanted to get divorced but she made the right decision due to my alcoholism. I have been sober now for 3 years and i owe it all to her it has made me a better person and more importantly a better father. What should i do?

I am so sorry to hear of the sadness in your life, in your daughter’s life. I would tell your daughter about the accident &amp: because of it she may not be the same mommy she remembers her being. Let her know she is sleeping &amp: the Dr’s are waiting to tell you just what’s going to happen to her in the future. Rite now no one knows what is in store for her in her future, but you promise you’ll be honest with her &amp: tell her when there’s any change. Unfortunately you just can’t tell her anything at the moment. The one good thing is your sobriety &amp: how much it does mean to you. I have been sober for 20+ yrs. &amp: it means MORE to me than my B.D. so I KNOW so well what you mean. Keep up the GOOD work, it’s so well worth living a sober life &amp: being able to deal with things with a clear sober mind! I trust more than anything that things will turn out ALL for the best for ALL involved…I SO wish you all the best in every way…:)

If at all possible say nothing and let your daughter pick up on things, my parents were told I’d be worst than what I was the brain can heal in time and they can only guess because they just do not know enough at this time.

Your daughter will sense the changes and adapt to them better than you will.

I hope you get temporary full custody of your child so support stops, and if you need to after she comes home, you can have that done so that your there for the rest that will come.

Might have brain damage isn’t in stone after all.

Just be there for your little girl and help out your ex in her recovery as best you can. Let your daughter know that mommy is just sleeping right now. She was really hurt in the accident but just needs lots of rest so that she will feel so much better. Once your ex wakes up I would take your daughter to go pick out a get well gift so she can give it to mommy so that mommy can feel better. When your daughter asks merely remind her that mommy loves her and that she is resting so that way she can feel all better. When little people have little owies they need small band aids. When big people have big owies we need lots of band aids and medicine to make us feel all better. The doctors are fixing her all up.

I know it’s hard for you to see your ex like this and especially harder for your daughter to understand what is wrong with her. But for what it’s worth. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Who knows maybe she will pull through this without to much damage and will bounce right back. Stranger things have happened. Good Luck and hug that little girl tight.

all you can do is wait for her recovery and what the doctors can do for her. I am sure she is in good hands. She may recover just fine, seems like it may be too early to tell from your posting. Explain to your daughter that mommy is hurt and you should take her to visit depending on what mommy looks like. Depending on what happens, you should consider taking your daughter to a child psychologist if there is any bad news. I wish the best for you all.

Love her, stand by her and be the man that she was once married to if you still love her. Be there for your little one, There is no need to explain to your daughter just yet that something is wrong with mommy, i would just say mommy is sick and needs her rest until you know for sure what is involved here.

There’s nothing to do, once you find out the news out Stacy either she will be fine or she wont and one day your daughter will be aware of it, either now or later. What else is there to say? my heart aches for you 🙁

This breaks my heart. But I think you should tell your daughter the truth. She’s 5 she could probably understand whats going on. Just don’t be graphic about it. I’m so sorry, prayers go out for you.

u gave her name? uhuh.

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