McCain and bomb Iran song?

Is it true that McCain sang a song to the tune of a beach boys song: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!??? If this is true, how could anyone vote for him…we are talking WWIII here! We need to resort to a non-interventionism policy like that of Dr. Paul….or at the least Obama’s less of the three foreign policy!

He did say that. It’s on video. He’s got war on the brain from his time in Vietnam.

Bomb Iran Song

Agreed. That previous comment by McCain will hurt him significantly. That wasn’t smart.

The song was from the 60’s not the ******* 80’s

In the song, the Boys are singing, &quot:Barbara Ann.&quot:

Bar-Bar-Bar. Bar-Bar-Barbra-Ann.

This story is MONTHS old, dude! Wake up! Is this the BEST you Obamamaniacs can find? *laughter*

Wouldn’t it be WWIV? The quiet defeat of the Ruskies in the late ’80s and early ’90s would be WWIII.

LOL!!! I haven’t thought about that song in years!
‘Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran-
bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran-
that’s the plan, to bomb Iran’ or something like that…..
WW III? No! Even the Iranians would have to get a laugh out of that!

LOL…..Obama wants to &quot: impose deeper sanctions &quot: so our enemies can ignore them as they have previously done &amp: laugh at us and Obama even harder !! —- Obama seems to have other options which he is considering such as …A) Taking our enemies to IHOP to discuss terrorism over coffee…B) Politely asking our enemies to promise to play nicer….C) Give a detention to all of our enemies if their unruly behavior continues…D) Make our enemies go to bed without supper unless their attitude improves….E) Demand that they sing a chorus of &quot: I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing &quot:

Although I don’t agree with him signing that even though it was tounge-in-cheek, I hardly think a war with Iran would be classified as WW III.

i agree i would hate for this old man to wake up one day and decide it was time to nuke Iran for no given reason .it’s why this dinosaur want become president .

Listen, Rue isn’t going to make it, you need to take your meds and get some rest, enough of the PauL stuff….lol.

People want to vote for him if he can convince us there is a threat that must be destroyed. Same with Bush and Iraq.

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