How did more people get on Food Stamps under GW Bush than under President Obama?

President Bush added more people to the Food Stamp program than any other president in history. Bush also fostered the cell phone that cons, mistakenly, like to call the &quot:Obama phone.&quot: As the economy continues to improve, under President Obama, the need for many families to apply for Food Stamps will decrease because they will become self-sufficient again.

Conservatives begrudge people their basics needs when a Democrat is in office. Bush/CHENEY was handing out those $300 rebate checks to the middle class to distract us from the reality that his tax cuts for the wealthy were insidiously altering the tax structure of the United States. So those in need received Food Stamps, the wealthy received billions of dollars in tax breaks and the middle class got a check for $300? Reminds me of the tee shirt saying, &quot:………..and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.&quot:

provided that as without delay as Bush develop into once out of workplace, then all of those varieties of public help were without delay deemed risky, provided that they have been finished lower than the admin of a black democrat. Hypocrisy is had to be a good republican

What your forgetting is that Bush was in office for 8 years…

Because as soon as Bush was out of office, then all of those forms of public aid were instantly deemed bad, since they were done under the admin of a black democrat.
Hypocrisy is required to be a successful republican

Once the richest country in the world and america has food stamps.


See http://www.fns.usda.gov/pd/SNAPsummary.h…

Max under Bush was 28.23 million.

Under Obama 44.7 million (2011 stat).

Note – Max in 2001 under Bush was 17.3 million (rose about 11 million in 8 years)

So…………… under Bush it rose about 11 million over 8 years and 16.6 million in 3 years under Obama.

Democratic house and senate

Link for that at all?

Because I am pretty sure that George Bush favored community charity over government help.

Why is it my job to defend YOUR claim?? Lol.

Obama has that title.

Proof that doesn’t come from Talking Points Memo or Media Matters, please….

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