Fast ways to lose weight for a 13 year old girl?

I’m going to my best friend’s quince pretty soon.
&amp: I need to at least fit into a small or medium sized dress :/
I weigh 130 and I’m 5’1.
Any fast tips to lose weight?

Your 13 you should be more worried about school and stuff than losing weight… Its not healthy for a 13 year old wanting to lose weight like this, this fast

Anorexia! Haha, jk. Ignore my childishness… Eat right and exercise. I know it’s the same thing you’ve heard before, but there’s a reason you heard it. That’s what works. There isn’t a magical pill or anything. Just simple diet and exercise. Or liposuction. Crap, there’s that childishness again…

go 20 mph on your bike for 6 1 2 minutes

2 and 1 2 hours bowling

Require a tip from the yoga pga masters and breathe… more oxygen inside your cells means more fat can be burned away. Breathing exercises like those practiced in yoga are an easy addition to your daily fat reduction regime.

When you’re a teenager, it is much easier for you to loose weight/gain muscle. i’m not sure why though, i’m 15 and gained muscle fairly quickly doing nothing less than running a few Km (Miles) a day.

No raw after four. Your body can’t digest fresh food after 4pm so take in fruit and salad earlier inside day and stick with cooked food later in the day.

odds are you re eating too fast try holding a conversation while having a meal so you re not gulping down more than you need to feel full

With the fat burning soup diets you can apparently lose from 10-17 lbs in just a week.

For sandwich-lovers, use spinach or swiss chard leaves rather than a wrap, skip the slice of cheese, and load on the veggies.

Eat grapefruit before each meal

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