do the women, poor and the blacks support democratic party and the rich support republican party in USA?

the rich in the USA have two parties democratic and republic where as the poor have no party to represent them.as there is no alternative the poor .Muslims and the African Americans support democratic party. the republicans openly declare that they strive for supporting the class interests of the rich by not increasing taxes. but where as the democrats do not make any promises.

You are pretty much right on target.
The Trade Unions have a record of supporting Democrats, but the workers do not always hold the line.
Movie Stars are Rich but support Democrats. University Professors are not poor, but they support Democrats. Born again Evangelicals may be poor but they vote Republican.

I believe the stereotypical answer would be &quot:yes&quot:.

However, Secretary Rice is both black and a woman and she’s quite Republican.

John Kerry is quite rich and he’s definitely not Republican.

Overall, according to voter polling data, the poor(er) seem to vote more often to the left and the richer to the right.

The black vote is quite often very strongly to the left.

Women were pretty evenly divided (tending only slightly to the left while men tended only slightly to the right) in the 2004 election.

immigrants, puerto ricans and blacks support the democratic party in majority because the democratic likes to take money from the working class and hand it to them. The democratic party is also supportive of affirmative action (minorities) and abortion (that explains most women). The rich support the republican party because they don’t like the money to be taken from them and handed over to immigrants and puerto ricans when they move into the country because they don’t want to work. Also the republican party wants for people who make more money to pay a lesser percentage in taxes because say you have to pay 10% in taxes. If you make 200,000 dollars a year, that’s 20,000 you’re paying in taxes. If you make 20,000 dollars a year, you’re only paying 2,000 dollars in taxes. Is it really fair to be punished because you made something of your life?

No. I wouldn’t let a little thing like an X or a Y decide my vote for me. I vote for the best person for the job regardless of party. Research and decide. That is the only way.

I mean it’s not divided exactly down those lines of course… but I think overall… more from those groups do vote for the groups you mentioned… but not all from those groups… clearly…

except for the poor… a lot of poor folks do vote republican due to religious issues… especially in the south…

not just the rich support GOP. conservative democrats have been replaced in the south and midwest by republicans. rural white religious people vote mostly republican, because they are told to do so. politicians take advantage of them by promising to fight for school prayer, against abortion and anything they deem anti-christian. even though there have been way too many judicial precedents to overturn school prayer laws and abortion rights.

That seems to be the general trend.

Thats the jest of it.

what about celebs? they make a bunch of $$$$ but, for the most part are dems

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