Do Christians believe that Hitler went to hell?

I just wanted to ask HAHAH!

I don’t believe in heaven or hell, so. …

Most christians claim Hitler wasn’t a true christian (see: no true scotsman fallacy), even though he was, as were almost all Nazis. According to christianity they’re all in heaven, and their jewish victims are all in hell.

Most Christians don’t even know he designed the VW Bug, one of the most successful cars in history. Designed to totally capitilize on American culture and grab a tonne of cash. How would they know that he ended up in Hell? He was many things but a fool he was not.

Generally, most Christians believe Hitler went to hell. However, there WAS time to repent and ask forgiveness in his suicide bunker.

I, as a Christian, believe that Hitler went to hell if he did not accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour………that is what the Bible teaches…………

Hitler claimed he was on a mission from God, and he was a Christian.

Shows you what the fundies are capable of…

Well, of course. Hitler was an evil man.

Edit: Hitler was most definitely not a true Christian. Claiming to be a Christian does not make you one.

If the PJPII forgave his shooter,

that puts god in a funny situation.

Even though he was a Christian, technically he wouldn’t be able to go to Heaven because he committed suicide.

We do not know that, it is between Hod and Hitler. We can only speculate, and we have far more important things to do that speculate that.

I don’t know. Only God does.

My speculation is he is in hell, because he was directly responsible for millions of murders.

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