Why is everyone jealous of me just because I got a new car for my 16th birthday?

My dad got me a brand new dodge viper for my 16th birthday … just got my license. Now everyone at school is jealous, or it seems that way. Everyone is like, &quot:what’s next? … is daddy gonna buy you a new rolex watch next?&quot: with them laughing. ugh! I hate this. Why are people jealous?

I would feel pathetic asking you about your car or anythign else…they need to get a life.

Even if you don’t try to show off, a Viper is going to make people jealous since they probably won’t ever get such a nice car. You are one lucky person to get a dang Viper for your birthday and a brand new one to boot. Good for you, pal.

Did you contribute whatsoever to buying your own car?! Probably not. Teenagers nowadays are so lazy and inconsiderate…it is absolutely rediculous. I had to buy my own car when I was 16. My parents certainly didn’t buy it for me. I totally agree that 16 year olds should drive sh*t boxes!!

I had a Chevette that took 2 minutes to get to 60 mph so shut yur piehole.

I had to save for years to buy my car and spent a lot of money making it look good. I wish I had a Viper… You want to be my friend?

Well, hopefully you’ll keep having the courage to come here for more support. Wether it’s ego feeding time, or just to vent, we are always &quot:here&quot: for Greg, and his issues. Especially your attraction to other guy’s Greg.


You Have Great Parents, Who Should be making sure You Study, instead of ‘Buying You Off’…..LOL….!!

You seriously asking this question? 16 year olds should be driving sh*t boxes that they paid for with their part time job. Consider your self spoiled.

cuz nobody else has a dodge viper when they’re 16….damn you are lucky!

let me think!?

cause you probably have a better car then them.

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