What really is the definition of &quot:beautiful?&quot:?

So many people have different definition of the word beautiful. I have some of my own. It would be too cool if I could hear your response. =]

Beautiful is something yu might see and stare at while yu are suppozed to do something else.Beauty is something that lifts me up and makes me feel for the wonderfulness ov what it is. Beauty is cleanliness and seemingly perfection.

Anything where the 2 sides are in mirror image of each other, i.e., symmetrical. The Marquardt Mask is known as the perfect face, by putting it over a portrait, Plastic Surgeons can see exactly which area’s of the face need to be fixed to fill out the mask and make the face totally symmetrical.

The Marquardt Mask

Marquardt Mask Examples

Marquardt Beauty Analysis

I see marriage as a religious belief that is between a man and a woman, of any race. However, if a gay or lesbian couple want a civil union, that will be legally seen as a marriage, then I’m all for that. That should also be extended to anyone, gay or straight, who wants to be &quot:married&quot: but does not want the religious aspect.

1.having beauty: having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.: delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress: a beautiful speech.
2.excellent of its kind: a beautiful putt on the seventh hole: The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.
3.wonderful: very pleasing or satisfying.
4.the concept of beauty (usually prec. by the).
5.(used with a plural verb) beautiful things or people collectively (usually prec. by the): the good and the beautiful.
6.the ideal of beauty (usually prec. by the): to strive to attain the beautiful.
7.wonderful: fantastic: You got two front-row seats? Beautiful!
8.extraordinary: incredible: used ironically: Your car broke down in the middle of the freeway? Beautiful!

Anything that u find appealing to the eye.

If I see a beautiful girl, I cannot state &quot:she is beautiful&quot:, because its essentially her &quot:features&quot: that I find appealing. Not her. I might say &quot:she is beautiful&quot: once I get to know her.

beauty exists in the simplicity of all things, and is the eureka of ardent inquiries.

beauty manifests itself for those who believe in it’s existence and and is here for those who live for the joy of life and living.

beauty is the extraordinary disguised as the ordinary and only recognized by the extraordinary who live in ordinary circumstances.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, And when I see it my left eyebrow wiggles up and down !!

Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.

according to the reference dictionary on my yahoo toolbar.

Well a dictionary is generally unbiased, so I will provide a link

Any woman I’m dating automatically qualifies

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