Proof of Gods existence….?

I know that Christians have faith and don’t need any further proof of God’s existence. If asked, Christians can quote a lot of miracles form the bible and also a lot of more current events / miracles as evidence of his divine existence.

Unfortunately, none of them seem to be sufficient for appease the Skeptics, Agnostics and Atheists up to now…
They always have some stupid, rational explenation….

And now my Question to the Skeptics, Atheists and Agnostics out there… What proof would you find acceptable?

I recently heard a suggestion: If God is all powerfully, why doesn’t he use his power to show himself and convince Richard Dawkins (author of &quot:The God Delusion&quot:)?
1. If God is all knowing and all power full, he must know what it will take to convince Richard.
2. I assume Richard has the writing and debating capabilities to present his case to the rest of his current following in a very proficient manner.

Would that convince you?

And why don’t God do it?

Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing. That’s why I don’t demand proof. The entire god concept is completely incoherent and preposterous.

Even if there was some thing to happen that completely violated the laws of the natural world, as we know them, it wouldn’t convince me. I would not jump to the conclusion that it was god. I would assume we don’t know all that we thought we did about the natural world.

Maybe …. maybe …. if he rearranged all of the stars in the sky and wrote, &quot:Hi, it’s God.&quot: … Maybe.

And Richard Dawkins is fun and all .. but he isn’t my authority on anything.

Richard Dawkins isn’t the Atheist Pope, him converting would only affect himself. It’s common for people to convert *BOTH* ways in life.

&quot:They always have some stupid, rational explenation.&quot:

Once you have proof that’s not explained by rationality, then you might have something. You’d still have skeptics though.

But since you don’t, we just have to put faith in *stupid* rationality.

Why doesn’t God do it? Cuz he’s not there…

But to convince me, I would want him/her to appear before me, snap his fingers and *poof* have a fully pimped out benz come out of nowhere (must have the white smoke with the poof like in the commercials). Then have money materialize every time i reached into my pocket. Then we would have to go to the club and make it rain, and yes god must be making it rain as well. That’s what I would need.

But in all seriousness, if there’s a god why are there so many diseases out there? Seriously how many things can kill us? And why does everything causes cancer? Cure all disease and I’ll believe.

The personal experiences of Richard Dawkins do not mean a lot to me, sorry.

Well, he could heal people of an illness that can’t:

1. Be faked
2. Go away by itself
3. Be healed by scientific means

(growing back an amputated limb is a common example)

All God would have to do, is do something that could neither be explained rationally nor attributed to any of the other Gods that humans have ever worshipped.

But He won’t do that: because He either doesn’t exist, or because He is bound to pretend that He doesn’t exist.

If every bullet in the world spontaneously transformed into a mini-marshmallow, I’d believe in a God.

Then we can argue about which particular God was responsible.

Im sorry, I didnt know richard dawkins was the speaker for all humanity.

I dont believe in worshipping someone who ive never seen and join &quot:his&quot: church and give these priests who **** kids my money


An act, previously mentioned by god (who earlier appeared to the world – that is, every single human, perhaps an hour earlier), which completely violates basic laws of physics.
I think that would be sufficient.

But I still wouldn’t worship the maniac.

I just thought this would be funny.

Imagine, God is real. And he and Richard Dawkins are chillin, when God says, hey should right a book. And convince people that I don’t exist., and such.. Then they are just laughing their asses off as Dawkins makes millions, and God gets to send people to hell.

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