Obama & DEMS have gone tooooooo far now!!!SENATE BILL to Give Obama Emergency Control of Internet?

Call your senators!!

Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet


I’m surprised it took so many people so long to realize that the objective of Marxists is to control everything in people’s lives.

They want to get into our homes, our jobs, our healthcare, our transportation, and now our communications.

They’ve been tapping our phones and email since the Echelon system put into place by Clinton.

Obama wants to do what the Chinese do and regulate what’s on the internet. He’s not happy with us finding out the truth about him and his agenda. It will be easy to declare an &quot:emergency&quot: any time he feels we’re finding out too much info.

It’s not enough that they want access to our bank accounts through the &quot:health&quot: bill, they want to control our paychecks and our savings.

The bill is by Jay Rockefeller (liberal democrat) and Olympia Snow (liberal republican) – both far left-wing nuts. No surprise there.

welcome to Venezuela Comrade!

Oh no! How would I troll??!!

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