How do I remove the hissing sounds from my videos?

When I upload my videos from either my iPhone or my SJ4000 Action cam (it’s like a GoPro) to my laptop, they all have this hissing sound when I play them. When I edit them or even play them in Windows Movie Maker, the hissing sound is much worse and is very annoying when I uploaded them on YouTube. I tried converting my videos (they are .mov files when initially uploaded to my laptop) to .mp4 files, and sound ok on Movie Maker, but after saving them, they still have the annoying hissing sound.

Does anyone know the best way to get rid of the hissing sounds from videos? Also, is there a better way to edit videos? (I only want to combine them, make nice transitions and upload additional audio.)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It’s practically impossible to remove noise once a recording has been made. Some programs have &quot:noise removal&quot: features but that also affects the wanted sounds.

A lot of people use either external microphones or a totally separate audio recorder that’s rather higher quality, then combine that audio with the video later on.

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You have to find a balance in the audio feed and the audio reception. If they do not match in level you often get a hiss. Full volume on one may not be the same as full volume on the other. It sounds as if the feed volume is actually lower than the level of the device being used to &quot:record&quot:. If you are getting the hiss when turning up the second device so you can hear it the volume (level) on the feed should be raised if possible to more directly match the pick up level.

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