Does it really make sense for the UN and the USA to invade Syria?

It makes sense if you’re trying to destroy Iran’s allies as a lead-up to an
invasion of Persia which our Lords and Masters have been planning since 2009.


It makes sense if you’re Israel and are using the jewish lobby to control the US, and
are using the US to control the UN, and are using them both to destroy your enemies.


It makes sense if you’re a member of the globalist elite and are hell bent on
destroying all national sovereignty on the planet in order to establish a tyrannical
One World Government controlled behind the scenes by your friends and YOU.


Only if you are rich, Jewish or both.
The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline is a useful asset to control and Israel would love you to invade for their own security.

I`m neither so I would just get shot up doing as I was ordered along with the rest of the plebs.

Evil muslim cult must be eradicated. Finish Richard the Lion Hearted’s crusade. Terror as taught in the koran leaves no choice. 9:29, ‘slay the Christians where ever you find them’, and 9:30, ‘smile at the Christians while you curse them in your heart’. They are following allah who only tells the truth. Including the surest way to allah’s side for eternity is to kill non-believers, ie Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, atheists, homosexuals, etc. allah even is a PIMP. He will provide 72 virgins for those heroes. Of course, what will become of those women once they are defiled and debased? Stoned to death for fornication? .

It will be the US and Britain who does if anyone does. Not the UN. As far as I know there is no intention yet to invade Syria. Different countries are supplying the rebels with arms.Not a good idea as the so called &quot:rebels&quot: are really extreme Islamists trying to set up a Muslim stare with Sharia law ?

If there is one element I discovered living contained in the yank South is that ya’ not in any respect talk with a minority as &quot:you human beings&quot: it singles them out and makes them sense like they don’t seem a similar or as equivalent because the speaker. that’s a draw close/slave element. initially, no longer all of &quot:us human beings&quot: hate &quot:you&quot: Muslims. a number of &quot:us human beings&quot: truthfully arise for Muslims and the right to coach any faith, philosophy or way of existence wanted. The mere idea that you mainly are asking why a stereotyped generalized team of human beings are all lumped jointly is insulting and surely tribulates me asking why do I even attempt. some human beings contained in the international are bigots. no count number the position you flow they’re going to be there, per chance because you gown authentically, per chance because you’re wearing warm pink shoes to a suitable wedding ceremony….yet regardless human beings will continually be human beings. you are able to continually assume a human to be very humanistic and prey upon the weak. Do you already comprehend how a lot hate and intolerance replaced into reignited even as 3000 human beings lost their lives contained in the lengthy island towers? random human beings were abused and beaten, in basic terms because they wore a head headscarf or were the guy accompanying the female with the right headscarf. convinced there replaced into multiple media coverage on that, notwithstanding the movie pictures not in any respect confirmed the Anglo American status up and keeping the female or the guy accompanying the female and permitting them to leave almost unhurt. i’m no longer declaring that Bush is the suitable president, basically i’m happy he’s compelled to no longer run for a third time period of workplace. i’m now unlikely to get into the political regulations because there is extra to it than both persons were advised. And all of it rotates round money. And what did rigidity Osama to do what he did? Did some united states rigidity him to do it? &quot:Do it or have your little ones deplumed and murdered.&quot: Who held the gun to Osama’s head and stated &quot:Yeah, blow up the dual towers the position each and each of the immigrants artwork. no individual cares that the Thai embassy is there.&quot:

Only if you believe that it made sense for the US to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Only if you believe the loss of 4,409 American lives and 31,928 wounded inaction in Iraq alone were worth the way things have turned out over there. It’s just as easy to locate the numbers for Afghanistan as well as killing and wounding of the Iraq peoples.

I really think they should stop going into other countries and start fixing their (USA) problems and if the other countries ask for their help then it would be ok to do so but in the meantime, focus on your issues within the country

They want the alternative pipeline route for the Iraqi oil now that they have lost Basra. An invasion will rally the Syrians to oppose the christian crusader.

I don’t see why we would. So no.

Not the U.N. they have already recognised it’s the terrorists using chemical weapons.


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