13-15 year olds? relationship advice?

my best guy friend and i like eachother, but he isnt allowed to date. but, we have decided to be bf/gf without his parents knowing…this is each of our first relationship, and we ont know what to do to make it different than out relationship as just friends….any advice?

There really isn’t a difference at your age, you both can’t drive so you can’t really go out on dates, and if you or him are hiding it from the parents then they can’t drive you on your little dates. So basically you are still friends with a label of bf/gf, that might make out. Don’t have sex and make babies.

hmmm well if I were you. I get to know each other better. A bit of cuddling and stuff

GOD CAT!!!! Jeez, you are firkin OBSESSED! I know you are in LLLUUURRRVVVEEE!! :))) But, I LOVE YOU! You guys are going to smooch. :X 😡 :X!!! LOL! Cat…. *serious face* how do you know he’s not going to…… you know… impregnate you. GARSH! Iz possible…. :))) :):):):):):):):):):

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