everything has a creater,for example humans has built machines,computer and if and i also think once THAT GOD HAS CREATED HUMANS? IF GOD HAS CREATED HUMANS

or does god is just created by humans or just it is a feeling?

i am religious and i belive in god but many times these thoughts disturb me.

jai sri krishna
jai sri jesus christ.
jai sri muhammad.
jai gurunanak maharaja

KHUDA jo khud se hua ho.
When there was nothing ‘there was God’. Then he made the universe and all souls which were his part before, departed.
Therefore, every living thing is his image and the aim of human life is to again merge in him.
When a drop mix in ocean than it becomes ocean itself.
One saint says:
&quot:Ram kabira ek bhaiye hain koi na sake pahachani&quot:
means now Kabir and Ram are one. There is no diffrence in them.

God Created human!!

God is a being who always was and is and always will be. As human, we cannot fathom the idea of eternity because here on earth we have deadlines. Work ends at 5pm, School ends after 12th grade, life ends eventually. We are not meant to understand eternity.

However, I believe that there will be an eternal life in heaven for us and that God is and was and will be an eternal being. I have evidence in the Bible but I cannot explain it any more than anyone else can because we are all people and simply not meant to understand.

Those are my beliefs, I hope you find them helpful.

God has no beginning and no end. That is why He is God. Your carnal mind can’t conceive this. Have faith that there is a Creater. If you want to know the True God then find out the history of Israel and the Jews.

It is foolishness to think that human has created the GOD. God is not like the computer that you can creat in your company. The actual knowledge you don’y know so you think like that. We are also unborn. Nothing is created in this world. God is there and his different eneries are there. That’s all. Do you think that machine is created. It is just like giving the shape. Who has created the oil. It is al ready there in the earth. Who has created you? You are soul and God is supre soul. We are eternal, God is eternal. We are the energies of God but God is the energetic. We are the part and parcle of the God. Like sun and it’s sunshine.

When we are eternal beings where is the question of we being created? We are always in existence in some form of body.

And when we can exist, what makes us think that God (I call Him Krishn) inspite of being omnipotent, does not exist?

So we are there and so is God. And none has created the other.

We only see things as created because we experience time with our minds. If a god is not embodied he does not have a mind and does not experience time. If there is no time then things are not created they just are.


IT was the HEN that created GOD before laying the EGG.

A creator is not a creature,creation only starts with him not before him ergo no one,nothing made God…he is the beginning and the end

No one created God. He’s the one who started everything.
What’s ‘jai sri’?

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